Tuesday, August 30, 2005

whirlwind weekend

i wanted to post some pics from our whirlwind party weekend. friday night we celebrated pam's birthday at our house which was fun. we watched "Guess Who" - hilarious and ate popcorn and ice cream cake. oh saturday was Sophia's first birthday - amazing to me that she is one. she is so bright and so beautiful. i sometimes just stare at her and think how lovely she is. so cuddly and alert. she loved her baby that she got from dave & i. it was our highlight - she called her Al. sunday we had a great anniversary. relaxed and laid back. we ate sushi for lunch and went to the art gallery. neither of us had been there and louise and curtis gave us a 2 for 1 coupon. it was neat. not as much abstract art as we would have liked but it was a great time. we went home and took a nap (always nice on a rainy sunday afternoon) then we went to a great restaurant for drinks and dinner. sometimes it hits me how lucky i am to have the rest of my life to spend with this incredible man. he makes me happy. we had alot of fun together. dave was so thoughtful and made me incredible gifts. i can't to spend many more years together. building on what a fantastic year this has been. people say the first year of marriage is hard, we didn't find that and when we talked about it on sunday we both were so proud of the way we have learned to communicate. we figure thats part of the reason why. i'm so lucky to have my husband...


Courtney and Sheldon said...

Crazy how a year can go by so fast! I'm glad you guys had a great first year... funny how if that was supposed to be the hardest year.. how will the other years be... blessings and lots of love guys!

Courtney and Sheldon

Anonymous said...

hey guys! love you both! great to hear that you guys have a blast together!