Saturday, September 03, 2005

change is scary, healthy, inevitable

I don't know if it's change in my life, or change in others lives or something entirely different, but something has me super nostalgic. There's nothing like a hard look at the past to make someone realize how much has changed in their life. People fear change, that's no secret. Its also understandlable, since change constantly undermines our comforatable routines. But without change, there is not growth and without growth there is, well, nothing, really. Nothing thats important, anyways. Growth is a necessary and unavoidable part of life, no matter how much we resist or fear. Most things I'm gald are behing me. But I'm even more glad that life has left me me irreplaceable moments. Nostalgia is extremely underrated. It's a big part of what makes us human. So there it is: change, growth, bittersweet and nostalgia. They add up to the same thing. us. we wouldn't be who we are without having been who we were. we wouldnt have what we have without having left some things behind, by choice or otherwise.
And so I'm left thinking back to saying goodbye and facing change head on. Some nights are just made for memories.
I will miss you Kristina, for you and this season in your life i think change is a beautiful thing

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Kristina said...

thanks for the plug Heath, I will miss you to!