Monday, September 05, 2005

in case you're worried

i figured i needed to clarify some things on my blog.. two people have commented on how depressing my blog is and just in case you are wondering. I am OK! yes, its funny that when you get into it, like really get into the heart of how you are feeling and as a christian if it doesn't sound up and exciting you get labelled as depressed. i actually feel better than i have in a long time. i feel like i am finally learning how to communicate with God and learning that he gives me grace to feel lousy at times too. this realization has come with alot of freedom. hard lessons to learn but liberating as well. so, anyways i am ok. i feel alive and i feel like i am starting to understand that God knows me and accepts me and whatever "feeling" comes along. i could be wrong tho as my husband seems to think all i am is a big "feeling". heehee. he has patience too. thank God!
i am beginning to actually appreciate the bad and the good in life. thats freeing for me.


Anonymous said...
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Kristina said...

that was far to chipper for me.
ha ha

hannahgrant said...

heather, your amazing and i really am loving you more and more everday. not only are you a hot mamma...but your a sexy lady as well. what more can i ask for?

hannahgrant said...

dude its been a week and not another post? whats going on here!