Saturday, September 17, 2005

what a week.

wow what a week it has been. as you can tell from my lack of posting its been busy. we just finished our annual week long staff retreat. interesting, intense, and full of surprises. it was a lovely time hanging out with everyone, learning more about each other and grasping a little piece of God.
in the midst of the craziness of the staff retreat i experienced another birth which was of course amazing. my clients had a beautiful baby girl. i will post some pics later (i will see them again today). its been a long week and i am exhausted but also encouraged as i continue to seek more for me.
i had another incredible thing happen to me as i sat down to read emails yesterday. i got an email from a girl who is new to the doula world and wanting to chat with me. she got linked to my blog and discovered i am a christian (she is too) and a ywamer (she was too) can you even belive that? i know God is there. he shows it in the little things too.
i'll try to post again later with more details of the birth of emma elizabeth and upcoming exciting things like Emily coming this week! and ange & leighs wedding only a week away!!
enjoy your saturday in lots of peace.

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