Sunday, August 14, 2005

lazy days

don't you just love summer.. yesterday dave and i spent the day being beach bums at Kits Beach. it was wonderful especially after a full week of finishing MA, cleaning, moving, organizing and other general chaos. after our day at the beach i made yummy beef faijitas (dave said maybe my best meal yet) and then i went over to ange, lindsey & kristina's for ange's last night here before she goes home to get ready to be a bride! it was fun. henri brought us chocolate from England (nothing like galaxy chocolate), we ate Lindsey's amazing cherry pie and she made us latte's or chai or london fogs which were awesome. we watched "Guess Who" which by the way is so funny. it was a great time. ange has joined the dark side with a new blog so check it out here. we all can't wait till the wedding which is Sept.24th in beautiful saskatchewan. good times. anyways dave is cooking me a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs so i better go. have a great rest of your weekend!

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