Sunday, August 28, 2005

Happy Anniversary

well its been one year since david and i said i do. crazy how time flies. so far we've had a great day and its only 10am. david is so thoughtful. his gifts so far have all been done in my love languages.. he made a dvd full of pics of us set to music. things we've done over the year. he gave me a card, made me coffee, made me a book full of emails we have sent to each other over the past two years - the signifigance being that we have had such a good year because of the communication we have had. its adorable. i love it. and now he's making me breakfast. yummy. i'm sure there will be much more to write when this day is done. so stay tuned. when you find the right person love truely is a wonderful thing. enjoy your day. i know we will enjoy ours.


kathryn said...

happy anniversary you two!! wow, one year. how exciting!

Nova said...

congratulations on one year, my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! love ya julia