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Monday, May 31, 2010

What a day!! It’s already 2 p.m. and I feel like a prisoner. So much waiting. My sleep was not great… just seems always interrupted and noisy. The ice lady filling water jugs at 3 a.m. was a big hit. Bleh. I have a grumpier than normal nurse and feel neglected. Baby had some low heart tones this morning which was a little disconcerting but maybe helped push up my fetal assessment. I was bought down shortly after 10 and seen at maybe 10:45. It was nice to see him. He is perfect and moving and doing really well. He is about 6lbs and measuring perfectly in all ways. He still have some fluid around him which is good. I came back up shortly before noon and have been waiting to see a doc since. It’s crazy to me that I have not seen one dr since I arrived here. I am getting super impatient and really just want to go home. I hope the plan can be to get me there. I want to keep him inside till after Sunday so I can just deliver at Boundry Trails and we can be close to home. This being here is not fun. I am really disappointed I really wanted this to be different. I should be home with my kids getting ready for the baby and just being with my family. Not this. I am all alone. I am lonely and bored.

What a day.. I am emotionally exhausted.  I waited all day to see someone and finally saw a resident who was very helpful. He did go speak with Dr. Lee on the phone and I guess her plan was for me to stay till 36 weeks and induce me then. I think with the water being broken they don’t want the cord to go down… They seem fine with me going home but I am unsure of how to make this decision. I mean what if I go home and something happens I am right back here… Every day he stays in is best. I was even unsure after speaking to Marla.. she was hard to read.
As of right now I am waiting on Dr. Lee and after that I will reevaluate according to what she says. I think I will stay the night and see what the night brings.. and decide to maybe go home tomorrow then. I feel like that’s the conclusion God prompted me towards. So we will see what she says.

Dr. Lee was nice.. sort of. She thought it would be fine for me to go home tomorrow and gave me a ilst of things to look for. There protocol is to induce at 36 weeks so hopefully Marla can convince Dr. Knoss to do that for me at Boundary where I can be closer to home. I lost some more fluid again this evening so hopefully all goes as planned. It is funny cause part of me almost wants him to just come so we don’t have to question all this. I want him to be whole and healthy. But if labor came on tonight that would make the week much easier. I plan to be on bed rest at home and pray that all goes well and we can push it to next week. I think Dave’s mom is going to come and stay with us… it would be best to have someone there … even if I do go into labor or even if I am induced we would have someone with the boys then. Taking care of things. It would be a nice relief. I am hoping for good sleep tonight. Jenelle is bringing  me chips and slurpee.. will be a nice way to watch a movie tonight and hopefully sleep really well without being woken up for antibiotics.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well here we are… after a pretty good sleep I am ready to face today. I am waiting to see the dr and hopefully get the a ok to go home. The discharge orders are in so that is good news. A little unsure of what the week will hold and just praying that I can safely make it through the week with NO drama. I just want to be home with my guys. Dave’s mom is flying in tomorrow evening and spending two weeks with us. I am thankful for her willingness and her help. It will make things so much easier. I will have to learn to let go and just accept help this week that is for sure. I feel so badly for the boys.. missing their birthday party and just the way this has all played out. Hopefully we can do another party this weekend.. I want them to feel celebrated. 
Okay Baby you need to stay put and stay active. Body you need to resist any infection and stay healthy. Thank you Lord for keeping him safe thus far and for the amazing support we have from friends and family. We are very blessed.

Home Tuesday June 1

Admitted to St. Boniface due to fear of prolapsed cord Wednesday June 2. Same bed, same room as I was 4 years ago with the boys.
No one really wanted me there so I was discharged Thursday morning back home to wait.

Sunday tried everything I could think of to induce labor.. was 36 weeks a that point. Nothing seemed to work which was a good thing.
To Be Continued.


Amanda said...

What a story. Crazy to look back on now that you have him as such an important part of your life.

valerie said...

I remember that time so clearly. We were praying for you to be able to carry that baby as long as possible, and then for him to be healthy. And just look at him now. Amazing...