Thursday, June 07, 2012


Jett is sweet and sassy, observant and verbal, loud and mellow, determined and not afraid of anything.

Here are some of our observations on his 2nd birthday.

-He has priceless facial & verbal expressions
-Jett's new favorite word - yuckadoo's (what he calls it when he needs his diaper changed)
- Jett is forever forming his lips into an O and exclaiming "Look!"
-He will grab you by the hand and take you to see the things he is excited about
-Each morning as we turn off our driveway he screeches COW at the top of his lungs.. "Cow Mommy?" Over and Over until we finally reach the Hwy where either the cows are grazing and he squeels with delight or the field is empty and he says "Cow Sleeps Mommy?" "Yes Jetty Cows are sleeping"
Then He says "Shirley Mommy? Carter Mommy? Chelsea Mommy?" Over and Over until we get to Shirley's.
-He is observant as anything.. when we turn down a certain street he knows if we are going to see Papa or Shirley.
-He yells Daddy at the sign of any big white work truck.. (you know how many of them there are in town???)
-Ok and I should add his relationship with his Daddy is something special.. he LOVES Daddy.. will reach for him over anyone else and runs arms open to the door each day after work. This boy loves his Daddy.. pretty sure the feeling is totally mutual.
-He loves to eat. Especially yogurt.. LOVES yogurt and all fruit. He's not really picky as long as yogurt, cottage cheese or fruit is not in his plain view he will eat what's on his plate.. show him fruit and he's a goner...
-He still takes a bottle and I LOVE it... in fact he kind of stopped for a bit and then now he begs at around 5:00 for a bottle.. he likes to be laid on the couch while watching a show.. it's sweet. (so yes I am that mom and I DON'T care)
-He is loveable and cuddly.. and can snuggle into the crook of your neck. Especially if you are Daddy or Papa, or Cody (aka CooCoo).
-He loves to say names and knows all the important people in his life. It may not always sound exactly like there real name but it's Jett's loveable way.
-He does not like to sleep in the car!

-But he does LOVE to sleep. We are still relishing 3.5 hour naps in the afternoon and an early bedtime. As long as he has his baby (blanket) he is good. I had a blankie growing up and it was so special to me.. kind of glad he has one too.
-He has a love/hate relationship with Ari & Noah.. when they play with him he beams and get so excited.. when they bug him or ignore him he often finds a toy hammer or something and wacks them with it.. often if he has an object like that in his hand A & N run screaming.. It's kind of funny.
-He has never and shows no interest in saying Noah.. he says Ari (he rolls his r - it's awesome) but will not say Noah...

Our family would never be the same without him. He adds life to us. So thankful to have him here. Happy Birthday sweet boy.


Lydia said...

What a cutie!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JETT!! Can't wait to see you in July!!

Love and Hugs from Auntie Lyds and Uncle Dan xoxoxo

Carmelle said...

What a great post to celebrate your awesome little Jett! Happy Celebrating! Its hard to believe he's two already, I remember when you were posting about decorating his nursery!

Holly said...

i loved getting to know your youngest through this post :) what a special little guy!