Tuesday, February 01, 2011

baby jett

we have discussed numerous times when we will stop calling him baby jett... it's just habit. it'll probably stick for awhile.

this guy is pure joy. he freely gives smiles and is generally just pretty happy. and if he's not happy all you gotta do is put him in front of his papa and he's a happy guy. papa is by far his favorite person (of course other than me... cause I have the milk he wants)

at almost 8 months he has been crawling now for a little while and when he doesn't feel like crawling he rolls from place to place. he's pretty quick too. he can roll around a room pretty quickly.

he loves food. pretty much anything you give him.. he pretty much eats what we eat. his favorite thing though currently is banana's.

he is suffering through his first ear infection which has made him sad at moments.

he loves anything rubber... by far his favorite thing to put in his mouth and play with is his daddy's rubber band for stretching.

he really like to sit and watch his big brothers run around him. you can tell he is just itching to run after them. they LOVE him so much. eager to help me get him things or watch out for him while i exercise or grab a shower. they are very dependable where Jett is concerned.

he fits in perfectly with our family and it's hard to imagine life without him. crazy to think that he has been here for 8 months already. how could you not love this face??


carly smith said...

what a sweetie pie :) love that chubby smile!

The Nilsen's Journey said...

So fun! Made me laugh as we called J baby J for all the way up until the past weeks. (he's now 15 months). And I too love watching G love on J! It's awesome to have boy brothers who are fun & play and yet are careful with e/o!

P.S= he's got a great smile!

Lise said...

I've witnessed first hand how much this guy loves to eat. Love the chubs, Baby Jett. Keep up the good work.

Holly said...

i do love that face!!

Crystal said...

Oh Jett! You are so presh. And that second picture looks so much like the boys to me!

marcy said...


Carmelle said...

He is so sweet! Love that smile!

Emily Deu said...

he is adorable! Aaron has been crawling for a while too, and he loves it! he is not pulling up and standing as often as he can. He also loves to eat, he grunts so much before the first spoonful in his mouth is complete to get another. Wish our little guys could hang out!