Thursday, December 30, 2010

living gift

this christmas was rich. i was given many beautiful, thoughtful gifts. there was a special gift. it not only suited me perfectly but it filled my soul. my beautiful friend lisa gave me a blessing. the gift of empowerment was given in my name.

"know as "survivors", the women in MCC's Pobitra program receive much more than handicraft training. They are offered an environment of respect and support where they are able to begin new lives. Victims of Bangladesh's sex trade, the women take part in an eight-month vocational training program that also educates about health and hygiene, mental health, human rights, peace and literacy. The programs name Pobitra means "holiness, sanctity, the fresh cleanliness of a newborn." To join the program, women make a public commitment to embrace new opportunities and on completion, are given a blue sari to symbolize their rebirth. Many of the program's graduates produce handmade natural soaps at Sacred Mark, an enterprise developed by MCC in Bangladesh.
Your gift of empowerment gives women in Bangladesh the capacity to start over, learn vocational skills and find new sources of employment."

Beautiful. Perfect. Thankful. And wrapped was this lovely bar of soap handcrafted by women in the red light district who have made a clean break from their previous lifestyle and have chosen soapmaking as an alternative source of income.

"O let me wear secretly... the sacred mark impressed by your own hand"

What were some of your favorite gifts this year?


Eva said...

That is lovely! I enjoy giving more than receiving but I didn't mind receiving a new camera lens from my husband :-)

Tam said...

Wow what an amazing gift. It brought tears to my eyes. We are so blessed and to give and receive living gifts is one of the best gifts. I too LOVE living gifts. My favorite gift was a living gift from my sister to a family in brazil. With the gift I received a picture of this beautiful family. I love having a picture of them, to remember to pray for them. Happy new year to you!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful gift!

Lise said...

Love you.