Friday, December 17, 2010

the gift of giving

I love Christmas. I love holidays. I love all the preparation that goes into it. Its like that for me in most holidays actually..
One of my favorite parts of the holiday's is giving gifts... not only picking out that perfect gift for that special someone but I take most joy in the packaging.. I have spent hours in my craft room this holiday season.. doing a lot of homemade gi
fts.. and working on the perfect packaging to go with my gifts. I love that I am the girl that my friends love getting cards and packages from.. just to see how they are presented.
I also enjoy seeing how a gift comes together.. it was like that this year as I picked out gifts for those I loved... picking out special things that they would love... (well hopefully). I love when someone thinks of something special for me... . What is your favorite part of the holidays?


Holly said...

my favorite part is spending the day at my parents wearing pajamas, eating christmas food and playing games :)

Budilian said...

I think part of why people enjoy getting gifts from you is because they know you put a tonne of your own energy into it. It's always more special getting a gift that's been put together with love. I'm looking forward to Tina, I and this kids having the whole two weeks off and being home together.

Crystal said...

I DO love getting beautiful presents from you - and have gotten some great ones. You raise the bar high!

Amanda said...

my favorite part about the holidays is taking time away from all the "things" I "think" are so "important" (like cleaning and running around doing errands) and spend time doing the things I love with the people I love. Playing games and toys with the kids, watching movies and devoting time to doing what they want to do with me.

Carmelle said...

You've totally inspired me! All the thoughtful (and creative) wrapping for those special gifts you've chosen for people -- they are so blessed to receive all that lovin' from you!