Thursday, August 21, 2008

take a little time

to be thankful...

thankful for summer days
thankful for scrapbooking friends and that time for me
thankful for a husband who somehow puts up with me
thankful for a friendship with my parents that means the world to me
thankful for fabric and pretty paper
thankful for a backyard that we can play in
thankful for a mind full of creative ideas
thankful for this friend that i can talk to many times a daythankful for this friend who is there for me always (in a million different ways)thankful for a great job that i love
thankful for far away friends who take time to keep up with me
thankful for a successful start to my new business
thankful for rain which washes away the dust
thankful for my kids loving there first half day at Shirley's - especially thankful here


Amanda said...

Aww... sweet.

Thankful for YOU!

Angela said...

hey!? I missed something here - You're starting a new business??? Tell me more! Your guys sure are cute!

valerie said...

thankful for Heather :) great post. awesome reminder.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for you too!

Eva said...

For the fourth time, I'm going to try commenting. (forgive me if there's multiple comments!)

I love your list..thanks for the reminder.
I haven't seen you in so long..maybe not at all this summer!??

Jenelle Suderman said...

i am thankful for you, such a blessing in my and your little men!
Nell :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Pear jelly bellies are my fave, too. And I totally agree with the bikini one, too. Never for me!


carly smith said...

love seeing your little guys. they are growing up so fast..
..glad you had a good summer and the job is going well..
(is that a qdoba cup i spy?? love that place!!)
love you too

Andrea said...

Hey! It's my first time to your blog...but it's great! :) And twin boys...I LOOOOVE all I need to do is have some of my own! :)