Monday, August 18, 2008

eye candy

because I know you all love links... I thought I would compile a list of my new favorite things.. eye candy i like to call it. thats the beauty of online browsing.. i crave these things

for my love of owls...
fruitflypie - Ceramic Desk Owl Vintage Design

The Sensible Owl

What should be my new mantra... and would look great in my dining room...

For over my bed

and why don't i have a girl?

amy butler and i were destined to be friends:

inspired child's play

and for the love of all things just check this out and bookmark it.. so lovely.


Courtney said...

Hey I love it all. I gave Sheldon "always kiss me goodnight" in vinyl lettering for our anniversary this year for over our bed! It looks great...I love it! I was sad we didn't make it to Kristen's. I would have loved to visit with you. Next time!

carly smith said...

nothing quite that exciting, my darling......but i knew i could count on someone to think that! :)

Angela said...

hey I have a friend from here that sells her stuff on Etsy. Crazy! She makes lots of great stuff. Her web address is or you can find a few of her items on etsy under the sellers name "villahunter" crazy.

Nikki and Shane said...

Heather: I pop in to see your craftiness every once in a while and when I saw that you are a huge fan of owls it made me think that I just saw the cutest owl stamp set in the new stampin' up catalogue. I'm sure you've already seen it, but if you haven't I have a feeling you might really dig it.

Drea said...

Heather, email me . I can tell you what im asking for the mobyd.