Monday, August 11, 2008


so clever a title for someone who has not posted in so long... last week was crazy as i was getting ready for my Grand Opening.. it went so well thank you to everyone who came and those who supported me. i was happy with the turn out and had some good feedback.. now to book some shows. anyone interested in hosting a party and getting LOADS of free stuff let me know.
my mil popped by for a short visit which was great.
we took in some parade action at the Harvest Festival this weekend. always tons of fun.
so far i have been loving my online Art Journal class led by the fabulous Rachel over at Blingonmysewingmachine so far we have had two tutorials. its' been fun to use different mediums and also be inspired to really think about journaling again. have not decided whether or not to post my pages on here yet.. so stay tuned.

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Marcy said...

I'm sorry I had to miss it Heather! Glad it went well!