Saturday, February 02, 2008

saturday creative

spent alot of today being creative. ahh the feeling of letting it all go and just being inpsired by the things around me... made some baby shower invitations which are simple (cause there are lots of them) but lovely. spent the good part of the day making a gift for a friend which came out so well that it made me have a moment of wanting to keep it myself. i was encouraged to be inspired "prophetically" and man what i got for her was speaking right to me.. so maybe a second gift for myself is in order. it felt refreshing to sit in my space and craft... listening to an uplifting and inspiring cd mix a friend gave me last night. i feel i am really me when i am inspired. inspired to create and just be.


Anonymous said...

You are so creative and talented. I should hire you to make something for me!!


anita said...

gorgeous invites!

tammy said...

Love those invitations!