Wednesday, February 20, 2008

live lusciously

if you are a regular reader you will remember me mentioning Kim McMechan a brilliant writer, singer and life coach. i was given a phone session with her as a gift and have been living life differently since. she encouraged me in my creative life and in light of that the rest of my life as well. she has a website HERE. i am greatly inpsired by her. i was also given her book as a gift which beautifully titled Tripping Into Daylight has become my most used book. Its a journal of stories, poems and life reflections.
Just today I was reading in it and this part spoke so softly to me.

"The more I live, the more my heart calls me to live one day at a time.
It is deeply needed. Otherwise there gets to be too many questions you
can't answer, will probably never be able to answer.
You start holding on, and holding on makes you loose the very things you were trying
so hard to keep all that time. I know it is only by living from this place
of letting go that you really live, really get to take life in."

She is generous and has given me some books to give away. I have been trying to come up with some clever blog giveaway that would encourage you to expand your mind and your creative life but have not come to any real clever conclusions. So I am just going to pick a winner at random. But first heres a challenge taken from her book. I challenge you to write a list of 10 beautiful things. There is power in writing things down. You are able to see more clearly that which you write down. It gets it out of your head where things usually stay vague and irritating.
You don't have to share in order to win. Just leave your name in the comments.
But heres my list.
10 beautiful things
1. the smell of coffee brewing
2. the sound of ari & noah when they chatter to each other
3. the feel of fresh sheets
4. seeing my favorite coffee mug on the window sill in the morning light
5. the way the sun shines in my piano window around 1pm
6. a clean picked up house
7. the smell of vanilla laundry sheets lingering on clean clothes
8. dave saying i love you
9. the way i feel when my clothes really fit
10. pages in my journal full and messy

alright so ready set go.. leave your name.. i will pick a winner this weekend... you really want this book.


Dianna said...

1 The content feeling of a happy marriage.
2 The blessings of my 2 children.
3 The feeling of being born again saved by His amazing grace. Given a second,third,fourth,millionth,etc chance.
4 The warm feeling of friends, and family.
5 A clean house
6 Being somewhat organized [ it happens once in awhile]
7 fresh fruit, oranges are the best right now!!
8 Hubby acts of service, acts of giving,acts of kindness, and being my best friend!
9 Health
10 Luxury of being warm in this cooooold wintter time.

Gina said...

I like your list... The books sounds awesome. I would love it!

Loewen said...

that quote is amazing. it is something that's been on my heart lately. love you

Crystal said...

1. A wonderful child
2. A caring and understanding husband
3. An awesome God
4. Family and friends that are fun to get together with
5. A warm house (especially in winter)
6. Food on our table
7. Fresh snow on the ground
8. Having arms and legs (watched a video on someone who was born without them and it makes you a lot more thankful for them.
9. The sound of my daughter "playing" piano and "singing" along to the radio
10. Nature-my photography passion right now.

Anonymous said...

I could use some of that!


tammy said...

the book sounds wonderful. It was great getting together with you this morning.
Here's my list.
1. watching Jer with my boys
2. my boys after a bath all clean and fresh
3. my favorite song on the radio
4. a clean house
5. the sun shinning in and the boys trying to catch the dust.
6. when my boys are playing together so nice
7. reading bedtime stories to my boys
8. capturing my boys in a great picture
9. creating a great lo
10. spring, everything about it, the melting snow, the birds chirping, being outside.

Have a great day!

Dixie Vandersluys said...

My 10 Beautiful Things:

1. A child asleep in my arms.
2. A big glass of water on your nightstand when you wake up parched in the middle of the night.
3. Getting somewhere on time.
4. All the kids settled at the same time.
5. Banana cream pie.
6. A drive in the country on a sunny summer afternoon.
7. A walk in the woods just about any time (except the dead of winter).
8. Eating supper and watching a movie in bed after the kids are asleep.
9. A well-organized and productive day.
10. Hearing my kids sing.

Please include me in the draw!!

Audrey said...

alright here goes...
1. hearing someone sing a song from deep within their soul
2. hearing the wind in the trees and the leaves on the ground on a warm spring day
3. a deep gut laugh that makes you hurt
4. holding a newborn baby
5. the smell of coffee when you wake up or anytime of the day really
6. the way my muscles feel after a hard work out because i know i have accomplished something
7. cooking barbecue out on the porch with people that know how to relax and have a good time
8. going to see a movie with someone you love and actually enjoying the movie and getting lots of candy!
9. stopping singing at church during worship and listening to everyone else sing over you
10. spending time with my dad

valerie said...

10 beautiful things
1. sun shining in my window at school
2. Ty's giggle
3. Aidan's skinny butt
4. 750 Praise
5. An unexpected kiss from Chad
6. A bonus cheque
7. Friends to laugh with
8. God to love me unconditionally
9. A clean house every Friday afternoon
10. the smell of coffee...

Thanks HEather!!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda's 10 Beautiful Things
1. My daughter's smile
2. The feel of Chris's arms around me.
3. The feeling and taste of my teeth right after I brush them.
4. A spotless home.
5. The way Maggie greets me when I come back into the house.
6. The sun shining on my coffeetables.
7. The way I feel after I finish a good run.
8. The sounds of laughter around me.
9. Knowing I am a "princess of the most high King." (See?? I really am a princess!)
10. Cracking the spine on a new book when you open it for the first time.

The Rupps said...

love the idea of the "beautiful things" list- would love to read this book-

Leanne said...

i know we don't have to leave our list, but i'm gonna try it.

1. seeing something i've designed put into print for the first time.
2. the way i feel after a real, true time of worship.
3. the way my husband lovingly gazes at me.
4. a thick piece of cheesecake.
5. hearing my nephew laugh.
6. a letter/package in the mail from a faraway friend.
7. the sight of the ocean and mountains.
8. my puppy's wet nose nuzzled against my arm or cheek.
9. a big hug from a true friend.
10. walking in the grass barefoot and feeling it tickle my feet.

hannah said...

1. Waking up sad and confused, getting on my laptop and reading a blog post like that, that makes me have to write a list like this!
2. Holding a baby during worship.
3. Deep sisterhood friendships
4. Fresh Fruit
5. Connecting with people
6. Taking time to listen to my thoughts
7. Seeing people dance, sing, play music, write, etc...from deep within themselves.
8. Colourful memories.
9. The smell of fresh rain
10. An organized house!

Marcy said...

10 beautiful things:
(in no particular order)
1. health
2. a loving God
3. compromises
4. organized surroundings
5. freedom
6. creativity
7. "I love you's"
8. shelter
9. stability
10. laughter

carly smith said...

let see...ten beautiful things:

1. hearing footsteps upstairs and knowing those are people in our house, not our upstairs neighbors.
2. peaches.
3. finishing homework before sunday night.
4. hearing our newly hung clock chime the same way my great-grandma's used to.
5. a hot shower.
6. grace. and forgiveness.
7. mat coming home from work.
8. the beautiful cloudless blue sky outside my office window.
9. a good hug from my joy.
10. snuggling up under the blanket to watch friends.

you are right, heather. that is a good exercise in gratitude and thankfulness. i'll be journaling that more!! thanks!

anita said...

love your list Heather! i could relate to many of those too! :)hope to see you one of these days!

The Stiffs said...

Here it goes:
1. The indescribable feeling of hearing my baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday, and watching Steve's face as he listened too! We love this baby!!
2. Dreaming about fabric, paint, furniture and all that luscious stuff.
3. Cooking a really good meal and enjoying it without rushing to get somewhere afterwards.
4. A good chat about the deep stuff with my mom over a cup of chocolate chai.
5. Walking home from work in winter to eat lunch with my hubby in our sunny dining room.
6. Discovering that my favourite design show can be watched on!! Yeah.
7. Things to look forward to: a trip to visit Steve's family in March, a trip out east in summer to see my brother and sister-in-law, spring break.
8. Our little house, we love how cozy and warm it is. It is so full of character to us and fits us perfectly.
9. Life in Canada. After life overseas for 2 years, it feels so good to speak English, find all the things you have always loved at the store and be surrounded by family and friends.
10. Dreaming about this baby. I can't wait to hold him or her close and grow together.

Emily Deu said...

1. waking up when I want to wake up, no alarm
2. those rare moments these days when I get up to dance in worship and feel the most connected to God.
3. Eating ice cream for breakfast.
4. Snuggling with Josh in the middle of the day.
5. Laughing with friends, or just sitting quietly being with someone.
6. Taking a really awesome photograph.
7. Finishing something on my to do list.
8. Feeling like you made a difference in someone's day, no matter how small.
9. Getting an A in my classes.
10. Being with family.