Monday, February 11, 2008

all things a & n

thought it was high time to write a post dedicated to telling you about ari and noah these days.. its been awhile. at 20 months they are busy... each day has its ups and downs of course. i am sitting on the fence.. this stage is easier then when they were babies yet harder in some regards. maybe it helps that i don't really remember the first 6 months. i find them more frustrated these days as they struggle to communicate but they know what they want and when i don't get it.. they are mad. we are in the tantrum stage.. some days much worse than others. currently they are both sick again... when this cold hit dave commented "well they've been healthy for a long time now" i looked at him and said "three weeks dave its been three weeks" took noah in for a follow up from his croup hospitalization and he had chest xrays done and has a mild case of pneumonia.. and to top it off an ear infection which surprised me i had no idea.. so we continue with the puffers we are on with the hopes that when they hit 4 all these wheezy asthma type symptoms will go away.
i decided to give you some highlights/lowlights from the past few months and hopefully give you a bit of insight into their little blossoming personalities.
* watching them learn to "twirl" and their realization of how fun it is to not walk strait and bang into walls. hilarious.
* walking in on Ari after a nap where he promptly handed me his diaper and showed me the pee on his mattress.
* Ari is a bit of a brute when it comes to his brother. he tends to hit noah alot these days.
* favorite things: buses, sitting on chairs alone, you tube, dancing and grandpa
* they have now tried jello and think its fun
*Ari eats ALL things ALL the time
* Noah doesn't really like meat.
* They love books - not much for having you read to them but they love to flip the pages (fast)
* They have a fave book that they fight over all the time. I got another one like it (just different stuff inside) yea they figured it out and won't have it. It has to be that book.
* They still love taking baths.. constantly at any closed door saying "bath"
* Words so far: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Pa, Ball, Book, Bus, Truck, Cheese, Nana (banana), Train, and Baa for backyardigans of course.
*diaper changes are the end of the world right now.. its hard to do because they are usually screaming and writhing around. you'd think they would catch on that its much faster if they don't put up a fight.
They currently are not into sleeping all through the night. Noah is pretty consistent but Ari loves to drive me nuts waking up.. usually for his soother.
I love them I really do. Life would be dull without them. Although most days I am tired and just plain done.. I realize the gift they are in my life. Its the cuddles and the laughter that get me through and just those little things only they do. There is the good the bad the ugly but thank God they are mine.


Rayna said...

Hello Heather -
Thanks for coming by my blog and saying hello and offering advice. I actually had come by your blog months ago at one point from Heather's or Drea's - not sure... - you had mentioned the twins and I was intrigued. Your boys are so adorable!
When we found out that we were having twins, that evening I thought of you and that I should comment on your blog and maybe get some advice from you through this journey. It is one that I think anyone who is going through will need advice of other parents who have been there. So, I will probably be back lots and in touch.
Oh, I read some of your struggles with the boys right now and the diaper one is so familiar to me - my two year old went through that and I actually learnt how to put on a diaper with him seated on my knee - sounds weird, but it worked! If you want to know how, I can tell you.
Have a wonderful evening and i hope your night includes lots of sleep all around at your house!

Gina said...

I love reading about your journey with the boys... Everytime I read them I think of my other friend that just had twin girls and think of her journey ahead! You are always so open and honest and I love that!

tammy said...

Your little boys are adorable. I hope you do a scrap page with all you just wrote. These are the things you want to remember. TFS!!

Anonymous said...
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heather said...

I love that last picture!

And the jell-o is something we haven't tried yet with our twins but might have to now because I bet that was a hit!