Friday, November 25, 2005


its been a good week. it seems i am only super sick on sundays, mondays and tuesdays. wierd.
yesterday we celebrated american thanksgiving which was so good. its nice being married to a half american. i love americans - yesterday we went around the table and the non americans shared what the loved about americans. to me they carry a sense of boldness and a lack of fear. they aren't afraid to shake things up. my american friends are all fierce and funny. so to all of you. cheers.
i have been trying to journal to the baby you know things that i am experiencing as the baby grows and most of it comes down to what i can and cannot eat. yesterday i found out something wacky. i love yams i mean love yams.. mashed, sushi style, boiled, drenched in brown suger and butter. but the baby no the baby does not like yams even as i gazed upon them last night it did not take me long to know the baby would not like them. and peanut butter come on, the baby also likes things cold. not a big fan of hot food. i know it sounds crazy. but vegtables need to be raw unless its corn and i'd rather do yogurt than anything hot. and pineapple i can't get enough - fresh pinapple. ooh and another gross one: cheezy breathe - after dave eats goldfish (the cracker). yuck.
anyways i think thats all..
so i want to bring up the question of the day.
when does pregnancy begin to be graceful?


Lydia said...

Yay for being American!! :)

Love you and miss you!

Lydia :)

Oh Joy said...

It's supposed to be graceful???????

Reesh said...

I don't know if I have been graceful yet thru my pregnancy. Definately after 4 months of being quite sick, feeling better made me feel more alive and energneic. Now that I am growing rather large in the belly area, I feel beautiful and womanly, but I don't know about graceful. I make grunting noises without realising it everytime I bend over or stand up, I waddle when I walk and I am constantly burping and farting. And really, I think you just forget that image of gracefulness cause you are too busy in the moment just being very very pregnant...

DavenHeather said...

good point. well said. it was meant to be more funny because of the pic i found but now that i explained my joke its not really so funny anymore. i work around enough pregnant women to know they don't feel graceful but at least all us are beautiful like you said.

Nova said...

heather, there are 9 days between the end of morning sickness and the beginning of the waddle where pregnancy is graceful. don't blink though, or you might miss it! (hee hee) hang in there, babe. suey

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

I was just looking at your sidebar. So, we don't rank as "Things You Like"?!? Kidding. Great blog. Keep it up!


Kristina said...

hey, I cant live without your perspective on life. I know you have someting to say. ummmm what are your thoughts on putting ketchup on pizza? it seams to be the in thing here. nast!