Friday, November 04, 2005

peanut butter and confessions..

figured it was time to write again. not sure i have much of eternal value to say. its been a good week. i've felt for the most part good other than one morning when i realized pinto does not like peanut butter. but now we know. wednesday night i had a fun night going out with jamie, jessi and andrea. we went to this sketchy club downtown to hear andreas friends play. what a night. refer to jessi's blog for a more detailed story.
ok ok i have a confession to make now please don't go judging me.. i am an avid reader and fan of the celebrity baby blog. now i have been going there daily for months now and feel it is time to uncover my underground religous reading of this site. i have decided that i want you all to know about this if only for the sole purpose that you would continue to love me even if i want to know who gets the first picture of Sean Preston Federline and even if i love reading about Brooke Shield's second preganancy or my curiosity of when the next picture of Reese, Ave and Deacon will come out and we were all the first to hear of Matilda Rose Ledger's birth. Oh and the precious glimpses of Bennifer's bump. ahh the relief of being able to tell ones secrets.
have a lovely day.


Audrey said...

oh heath, they have such great stores in NY for you and Pinto to have fun in!! Like little sleepers for $100!! Crazy huh? miss you, audge

mathewandcarly said...

ok heather, i'm back. so excited for you guys, and so excited to see you guys!! we'll be there in about a week and a half...can you believe it!! write me and we can finalize things, ok?
love you!

amanda rupp said...

Heather-i just heard your exciting news through the ywam seattle grapevine....
i'm SO happy for you!!!! your dream of becoming a mom is coming true.... :) you will love it and you will be an amazing mom.
what great news! love, amanda (and zach)

Angel said...

Thanks for fessing up Heather
we all have our secrets

Funny...Hey my cousin got a 3D's amazing!! It's like a real photo of a baby..You can check it out if you want to.
Will you guys be doing that?
And Steener said that Mary was pregnant...Do you know if that's YWAM Van Mary? in NZ???

Oh Joy said...

It seems everyone else is just IGNORING your little I just must chime in!

Now I just have to tell ya, I was EXCITED to hear about this blog. I myself am a People magazine subscriber. So I can only ENCOURAGE the blatant disregard for people's privacy. OF COURSE you wanna know about Sean Preston, isn't he a little bit ours?

I am really excited about your newfound lot in life! You are gonna LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a baby.

Email big sister if you have pregnancy questions...I HAVE after all, been pregnant 3 of the 4 past years.

DavenHeather said...

thanks glenna. i feel very blessed and am very excited. its all a bit overwhelming as well. i'm really glad you posted about my confession good to know i am not alone. be proud!

Oh Joy said...

Further...looking at that picture there...your kid is gonna be really attractive. You guys are hotties!

By the way, it doens't get less overwhelming so just get used to living with that feeling.