Friday, November 18, 2005


seems i have a lack of things to say although its been a pretty good week! i'm beginning to realize that i am an avoider. i distract myself to avoid doing anything. not that all distraction is bad because sometimes it helps you to not get wrapped up in just doing, doing doing.. but sometimes instead i fill my day with things i must do (which becomes the distraction) when really all i want to do is be free to just sit and journal, or read something other than birth i am just now reading how true that all sounds. like this quote i read today
"Tonight I danced with God under the quiet stars the moonlight sticking to the bottoms of our feet."
Purely Lovely.


Reesh said...

One of my favourite quotes is "Be a human being instead of a human doing"

I got all my bras at La Senza in the Pacific Centre Mall. They are reasonably priced and very comfortable. The hot pink one is my favourite, it's a t-shirt bra and it's so comfy and supportive, and hot pink!!

I totally get what you mean about wanting to read something other than maternity books. Luckily I am in a bookclub which means I HAVE to read something other than baby books at least once a month. Speaking of books, if you haven't picked up a copy of Birthing From Within by Pam England, you should try to. It's really the ONLY pregnancy book you need to read in my opinion...

DavenHeather said...

got it and love it. we will take the BFW prenatal classes in the new year as well. i always tell my clients to read it. i am a birth and postpartum doula as well so i am constantly reading something about birth and babies. i love it yet sometimes i need to escape! thanks for the info on the bras. need to get out shopping!