Thursday, September 20, 2012

thursday ramblings

i am blessed. i mean i have always known that. but i have really been feeling it lately. but something i have come to realize is that it's a choice.. to feel it. i have been making a ton of good choices lately and although i am so tired... it's just way better to be happy!! my mind is working on overload lately.. so many little (and big things) going on.. here is a glimpse into my head.

- i love my job. my co-workers, the people. it's all good.
- bootcamp is in full swing.. we just finished our second week. these ladies are amazing!! they show up and work hard. it's not always easy but they do it! isn't that what it's about? showing up and getting it done! so proud of them.

-i am a blessed mama.. i mean look at these faces. family photos taken by the lovely lisa vandenberg of L Marie Photography. you should all book with her.. she's special.
- N & A are doing better in school.. it's not always there favourite thing but they love their friends, recess and gym. I see them changing and just generally they are so grown up to me.. sometimes I just stare at their perfect faces and wonder how we got here...
- i am planning a party. i love planning parties especially when they celebrate special people.
- i turn 33 next weekend... i love birthdays. i have gotten better and better every year. i gave myself an early birthday present.. i LOVE them. Worthy - because of the growing, learning, sacrificing and confidence this year has become to me. it's been painful but more than that it's been a treasure. i really like who i am becoming.

my flock of five. my perfect flock of five.

- i got an iphone. so fun.
- i run my first 5K on Saturday.. I'm nervous and excited... hoping it's not cold and windy. i am anticipating the exhilaration of completing it and conquering fear and accomplishing a goal.
- i have cut back on coffee.. usually having only one cup each morning... although i love a good skim milk americano misto or a coconut latte. i have been drinking tea in the afternoon.
-my afternoons.. they are quiet. i have success with a to do list and usually have some good down time in my quiet house.

i think i will leave you with that for now. i'll be back.


Wenona said...

Loved your post :) Love to hear how you are happy with yourself and who you are becoming more and more each year. Good for you :)
And LOVE the tattoos - totally jealous!

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Heather, I just love you!

Megan Hildebrand said...

Yay!! Are you ready to be pinned? :)