Sunday, September 09, 2012

goals for fall

So for me fall is a big deal. My life goes back into routine cause I go back to work. The summer is so unpredictable. I have found it overwhelming in the past to go back to the routine of fall but this year I think I got it! Staying organized and not stressed is the key. I wanted to share some of my tips with you!

-write it down. I sat down one afternoon and literally emptied my head of all my jumbled thoughts.. it was so random but it helped so much
-make goals. I have some pretty big goals for September. Helps me stay motivated.
-meal plan - this is huge for me. For the first time I am monthly meal planning. I feel such relief. I choose healthy balanced meals for my family and feel so much better just looking at each week when I need to grocery shop and it's all done for me!
-this will be my first year making lunches (my two oldest are in grade 1) I made up a simalur monthly calender to my meal plan one and choose about 5 lunches and stuck them in spots so that each week I can see what I need. I plan to give them as little processed food as possible.. so I have been coming up with healthy snacks to fill the freezer. I plan to spend one day next weekend baking and freezing ALOT of things.
-I also planned out my excercise for the month. I try to work out 5 times per week but need to be intentional. So aside from bootcamp I have some slots for running and doing 20 minute workouts.
-I am up EARLY. I get up over an hour before my kids do so I can spend time wtih God and then add in excercise on non bootcamp days. I still have time to shower before I need to get everyone breakfast and get out the door. This time is so precious to me.

These are some of my tips on living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I'd love to hear some of yours!! 


The Nilsen's Journey said...

great post Heath! This getting up 1 hour before littles is something I've started doing. It's made such a difference!

kelly ens said...

This sounds much like me :) But I do need to make some goals for myself over the next four months to give myself some personal direction for growth.
i also need to work on making some healthy snacks to put in the freezer for school. Thanks for prompting me with this :)

valerie said...

Sounds good. I'll need to sit down and write down my goals as well, but it shouldn't take long. I have a weekly meal plan going, and that's awesome :) So glad you're feeling good about the start of the year!

Stacey said...

Oh, I'd love to see your list of school lunches! I'm always stuck in a rut. And now there are food allergies at JR, so we have to be more careful.

hollysarah said...

Love this post, Heather! You're inspiring to me! I have started weekly meal planning, but would love to work my way up to monthly. What are some of your favorite recipes for suppers?
I am particularly inspired by your mornings... I've been wanting to start getting up earlier than the kids but am still battling sleep deprivation so I sleep as long as I can. One day!

Budilian said...

One thing that might help get your boys involved in the their lunches is to have a list of things for them to get together to put in their lunch each day. So they can look at the list there might be
1 Sandwich
3 cookies
1 apple
4 carrot sticks.
This could all be prepared the night before. This way they know what is in their lunch and they are getting started with making their own lunches. You will need to be on top of lunches the night before but it sounds like you plan on doing that anyway. Your post is great. Planning is ALWAYS good.