Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was super excited (ok and nervous) to host the boys first friends party. Wish I would have taken a picture of the invites.. they were cute. We planned the party for the afternoon of their actual birthday. We invited three of their best buddies from their class and two "town" buddies.. :)
First up though we brought snack to Kindergarten. The cupcakes turned out so cute thanks to these liners and toppers I found.

the theme of the party was "a few of our favorite things" since we couldn't narrow it down I figured I'd incorporate some of their faves right now. Mario/Madacascar/Hotwheels & Emergency Vehicles

We set it all up the night before their birthday and I loved their reaction to seeing it all in the morning. Jett went BANANA'S over all the balloons. 

 Insert 5 buddies. We had snacks.

And as per their request we had a smash cop car cake. Yep they wanted cards smashed into a cop car with an ambulance and firetruck standing by... They LOVED it.

 We opened presents.

We beat the crap out of a pinata.

They had a good time. So thankful for their friends. It will be awesome to see these relationships grow over the years. 

One more party to go. They requested a family PJ party for the weekend. 


Lydia said...

Wow!!! Looks like an AWESOME party!!! Great job Heather. :)

Monica Di Francesco said...

Thanks for the blog and pics, it really nice to track with them this way.

You are so creative and put your heart and soul into it. What a gift.


Holly said...

you are a great mom :)