Thursday, May 17, 2012


completely overwhelmed right now....
-looking around at the clutter in my house and wishing I had the discipline (and time) to organize and purge.
-my floors feel gross on my feet.. they need to be washed.
-I prefer to spend my afternoons outside with the boys instead of cleaning... so that's why the floor stays dirty.
-my mom reminded me that you don't get these years back so I am trying to remember that.. I understand it but it's hard to live in dirty chaos...
-I work part time outside the home. I enjoy my job and love what I do... I have to remember that.
-Bootcamps also keep me busy and away from home. What would I do without the Stallion?
-my heart hurts these days and some things that have been lost.. I have been trying not to think about it thinking it will go away.. it doesn't
-I wanna let go and live my life.
-Blogging twice in one week. That's progress. I love to write I need to keep remembering how good it feels to get it all out.
-Been a bit frustrated lately with some personal goals I had... reminding myself of how far I have come.
-getting ready to celebrate birthdays - May & June are busy months for us. The Stallion just had his birthday and my big ones turn SIX on tuesday.. SIX. Then beginning of June our little one turns two... it's crazy how fast the time goes.
-I love Thursday's.. it's my one evening where I make ZERO plans and we sit on the couch and watch Grey's and Scandal. Tonights finales look crazy. Thinking a cold beer will go down good.
-I love long weekends.. have a few projects on the go and some birthday parties to plan.
-ok I'll be back...


kelly ens said...

Enjoy the Grey's finale tonight - I hope to catch it tomorrow :)
and happy party planning...hard to believe our oldests will be six, hey?

Stacey said...

I'm hearing you...

Barb said...

I have to be very intentional with my housekeeping or it would rather not be tackled. that's what i would prefer! you'll get you energy spurt soon and do a big purge and have the kids get involved, and still feel like you took time to spend with your kids! Kids sure take up a lot of our time though, and before you know it the day's done!!
When my floor gets too dirty to walk around in socks or barefeet, we wear shoes!!
Love hearing your thoughts on your home and being a busy woman! Tami said you need to link your blogs to the blog page on the site and that way you don't have to write 2 stories! i know o few women who'd love to join you on your life journey! Link it:) i love how real you are, Heather!!

Holly said...

i'm with you on the housekeeping front - those are my long-weekend plans :S