Monday, January 10, 2011

a little inspiration

I need some. Today has not been my shiniest day. Sometimes dreaming is what gets me through.

1. Pantone came out with the 2011 color of the year. Honeysuckle. I love it. We're pretty un-girlie over here... but that sure would brighten things up. I'd love to see punches of it here and there..

2. This is the inspiration for something already in the works for my dining room... stay tuned it's a good one :) If you havn't already you should be checking out Dana at House*Tweaking.

3. Be still my beating heart. I have been gathering ideas to redo our bedroom. With a non existant budget it's going to be interesting. We need to paint first.. hopefully in the next month or so :) The one thing I want to buy will be new bedding. Just something I rarely buy... then I saw this... I have it in my cart and have almost clicked finish so many times. I mean it's a steal on sale for 54.99 and 20% off.... Can you see my dilema?? See it HERE.

4. I am slightly obsessed with wallpaper lately.. I want to wallpaper everything.

Ferm Living is horrible for me.. so many beautiful choices. Or then there is this one.. eek lovely.
5. Yes please. All of it. (Anthropolgie Oct '10)

6. I thought the Winter lookbook from Ruche was beautiful. This is my favorite page.. love the styling. It just jumped out at me. I definitely have the itch to shop... where is that money tree again??

What has you inspired lately?


Tam said...

Oh I love that honeysuckle color!
I've been enjoying this blog.

carly smith said...

i'm LOVING this website lately. i can't even remember how i found it, but i've since stumbled across 2 or 3 more blogs from it(which i don't have time to read) haha

stay inspired, my friend. keep dreaming

Carmelle said...

Really like that honeysuckle color! Oh, and #2! Oh my, that is totally something I L-O-V-E!!

Layne & Everett said...

Thanks for the mention, Heather! I'd love to see what I inspired for your dining room when it's finished.

Dana @ House*Tweaking

Leigh said...

Oh, that bedding is gorgeous! And is does sound like a good deal!

Heather said...

You all inspired me.. I ordered the bedding... hmm now I just have to tell dh - lol.
Thanks Dana for stopping by. I can't wait to see the end result :)

Amber said...

Here are two special gems that inspire me:

Oh Heather. I really feel like we are a lot alike...I'd love to meet you someday!!!!!!!