Thursday, January 20, 2011

around here

we read books in boats
we fold lots and lots of laundry
we pick out paint colors for our master bedroom. love.
we take silly pictures
we build playmobil cities.
we are constantly building tents
we get daddy time.
we manage to find time to scrapbook
we get tired after a busy day at Shirly's.
we blow raspberries.
never a dull moment at the difrancesco's. happy thursday.


Holly said...

i think you have a very nice life :)

Audrey said...

Love every picture and narrative! Miss hearing about your everyday life.

Jennifer said...

Hahaha! As I'm reading this (and admiring your pictures), I'm going "books in boats - ok", "laundry - yep", "paint colors - yep", "silly pictures - looks like someone had more fun than someone else", and then I get down to "we manage to find time to scrapbook" and I was like "How? When?"

Your scrapbooking is gorgeous, by the way.

Monica Di Francesco said...

What a lovely family I have. Wish I could be with you more.
Love you all.
Mom and Grandma D.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh.... so lovely!

Carmelle said...

Ah, lovely...