Wednesday, September 22, 2010

happy baby.

I've had some people ask me about cloth diapering... this has been something I always wanted to do. With the twins I knew it was not feasible for us. So when we were expecting Jett we knew we wanted to try. For us it was about a few things... the two major reasons were cost. It is expensive to buy diapers... we calculated we spent about $630 per kid for the first year of diapering twins... yea and we did diapers for three years!!! YIKES!!

Since moving out of town and into the village we also do not get garbage pick up. (we can opt to pay for it - but like most others we just burn our garbage in a burn barrel) so... diapers do not burn (at least not well) So in order to produce less garbage we find cloth diapering a solid choice for us.

With a minor investment we are well on our way and I actually really like it. I don't mind laundry so that's half the battle. When Jett was little I used prefolds with some Motherease covers that I borrowed from a friend. She also lent me some Sandy's diapers that worked really well. They were small though and so they only lasted a short while. I invested a small amount of money and this is what we have in our drawer.

I will always recommend local and Stacey sells great diapers. She is a distributor and has stock in her house. I like that I can go to her house and she is always great for information. I have bought covers from her and just recently purchased one Applecheeks that I use with a microfiber insert. At first I didn't like it but realized I wasn't using it right - lol. I also bought a Totbot diaper that I LOVE! This is an all in one, one size fits all diaper. It's called an easy fit and I got it in Blueberry. This is a GREAT diaper... I may end up getting a couple more.

I needed a few more options and was so curious to try the Flip system. I needed to up my stash to be able to get a few days worth and purchased Flip Stay Dry System. It comes with 2 one size covers and 6 Stay Dry Inserts. I love the ease of this system. It's simple and the inserts are so absorbent. I also like that you can change the insert and reuse the cover. The other great part is the flip system also sells disposable inserts that you can use when you are going out. They work really well and again you can just reuse the cover.

Since I was purchasing at Cotton Babies I decided to try some Bumgenius diapers as well. They just came out with the 4.0 version which has snaps and Cotton Babies conveniently offers them in packs of three. So I purchased the Bumgenius 4.0 One size Stay Dry diapers. They stand up to their reputation. Very similar to the flip system they are soft and work really well. I have had no leaks and no blow outs.

So I have diapers to get me through a few days and generally do laundry every 2-3 days depending. I purchased a well made wet bag from Stacey which we hang on a hook on the side of Jett's dresser.

When it's time to do laundry I throw the contents of the bag along with the bag in the washer. I air dry my covers overnight and we are back in business.

It's been great for us. And we are happy with our decision to cloth diaper not only for Jett but also for the environment.


Eva said...

Good for you. I had a strong desire to cloth diaper when I had our second but ended up not going through with it since I had two babies in diapers at the time {they are only just over a year apart}. With the other two I never even gave it a second thought.. not sure why.

Budilian said...

We did cloth diapers for our kids too although it sounds like you've gone a little more high tech than we did. It was definitely more work but worth it from a cost/environmental impact standpoint. Glad to hear it's working out for you. btw I absolutely love being at Emerado!!