Sunday, September 19, 2010

23 things

1. been entering into my craft room more lately. scrapped last weekend and have been sewing this weekend. i thrive on creativity. I am making the cutest clutch purses. My favorite is brown tweed.
2. always have design ideas in my head and my diy list gets longer and longer every day.
3. spent the afternoon/early evening at stanley park today with friends and family. best way to spend the day.
4. we have pretty great kids
5. trying new things... joined a bible study group with people i don't really know (kind of intimidating.. but good), also going to a mom's program in town at a church we don't attend (kind of scary)
6. made pumpkin cookies this weekend that taste SO good. especially with cream cheese icing
7. discovered life is made better with lactose pills
8. wandered my happy place (target) this past week. i enjoyed the day with no kids, great friends and got in my "bucks" fix.
9. enjoying the backyard more and more since we got this used on PVOL. the boys love it.

10. Jett smiles - it's so delicious
11. cloth diapering is surprisingly easy and i am so glad we made this choice.

12. i discovered making iced tea/lemonade - super good.
13. trying to cut out things so we can conquer our debt. we are praying to be debt free SOON - feels like an uphill never ending battle but trying to exercise faith and self control. ah who am I kidding we need a miracle.
14. speaking of exercise.. i suck at it.
15. i love my new hair color - it's bold and fun.

16. becoming more and more introspective lately... this last year was supposed to be the year of me and yet it has been a bit of a disappointment in regards to healing and being free. i am making steps to make sure that my 31st year doesn't disappoint.
17. today i had sex in a pan. it was good.
18. i am blessed by good friends... but i want to be more open and more vulnerable and stop feeling so much self doubt.
19. i don't want to have any more kids.. dave does. yeesh.
20. i have three kids. (and yes sometimes it just randomly hits me and I am overwhelmed.)

21. my addiction to gilmore girls is getting out of control. I LOVE it. just got through season 4 and cried when luke and lorelai finally got together. it is nice that dave enjoys watching it too.. seriously good one liners. some days I laugh till I cry.
22. i am enough, i have enough, i do enough
23. I am afraid to ask God what He thinks of me.


Crystal said...

I just love you.

Carmelle said...

I love that you blogged again. I like that this post is about so many different things. I seriously think that you are such a creative, thoughtful, inspiring woman. Your children are so blessed to have you as their Mom. Its ok that you don't feel totally certain all the time, what would the journey be then anyway, right? Its so obvious how you are so loved by your family & friends...just soak it in, believe it, realize it! Explore the height, the depth, the width and the vastness of your Heavenly Father's great love for you. He created you to be exactly who you are! No one else can fill the place that you have here. You are on purpose! Imagine that!

Amanda said...

Lovely post.

GG rocks. It's how I survived the hundreds of hours of breastfeeding. Such a great show.

What moms program do you go to? I'm looking for one.

Beautiful hair.

Anonymous said...

p.s. i read #17 a little too slow and it through me a bit! ;)

Lise said...

I can take a pretty good guess at what God thinks about you. Ask him!

Eva said...

He would say that He loves you...right where you are!! :)

Eva said...

I love the Gilmore Girls too.. I just wish it never ended! I own most of the seasons.

carol said...

I love your lists. Watch the cookies and sex in a will undo your exercise really quickly...ask me how I know lol.
I'm pretty sure that God an I share the same opinion of you chickie :-)

Tam said...

Great list! I love your honesty! If you asked God he'd say you're his greatest creation!!! And don't forget it:)

valerie said...

love it. love you.