Thursday, September 09, 2010

for dave on the occasion of my birthday

Dave told me that he checks my blog every morning cause he likes to know what I'm thinking - lol. Obviously not a whole lot lately.. so this one is for you. On the occasion of my 31st birthday these are the things on my wish list... of course you do not need to (and I know he won't) buy me them all.. I may even be lucky to get one. In no particular order...

1. A ipod docking station... I like music to play in my house and I think having one would be great for in the kitchen. Nothing fancy.

2. A fuji Instax camera. I love the idea of being able to snap photos and print.. the pics come in a credit card size - perfect for scrapbooking!

3. A new coffee maker.. I love my tassimo but I would also like a normal sized one with a stainless steel carafe so I can keep it warmer longer. My old one died over a year ago and I inherited an old one from my mom... it's time to upgrade and since I am home this year I have been already drinking ALOT of coffee.

4. Jewelry.. this is hard there are many necklaces I would like. I would love something with my kids names or initials in... and anything from Armelle... especially this, this and this.

5. I love Gussy.. she makes such nice girly things. I would love this wristlet to throw in my diaper bag to carry the essentials and be able to take it out for quick trips in and out.

6. oh my word THIS GUY... and I would take him in all four colors.. they'd make a cute little family.


Carmelle said...

Those are some great ideas! That's awesome that Dave reads your blog to find out what you are thinking...hmmm...maybe I need a blog! haha

marcy said...

that white camera is on my list too!

Eva said...

That is so sweet.. that he checks your blog every morning. My hubby doesn't see my blog unless I ask him to come take a look.. and then he gives me no comment :-)

Jeff and Melissa said...

i love that owl!!!