Tuesday, September 01, 2009


So I am turning 30 in 29 days!!!!! In lieu of that I declare this month all about me. Okay what the heck I declare this year one for ME!
I am starting a new series. Things I want. I will tour you around my house and give you ideas on what to buy me (for those who are asking)
Take a look around my kitchen. These are the things missing.

Recipe book holder like this one by Umbra Prop Cookbook Stand

Here are the top three cookbooks missing from my home:
1.) The Mennonite Treasurey

2.) The Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook

3.) Real food for healthy kids

These are by far the cutest aprons i have ever laid my eyes on. Thank you

Good Grips locking tongs like my favorite chef Crystal owns... they look so nice and since she says she has to have them.. so do I.

and last but not least I have always wanted one of THESE!!!!!


Crystal said...

Oh Heath.

valerie said...

LOL!! Love it!!! And...just so you know...my 30th year was declared "the year of Val". It rocked. Fully & totally. Hope yours does too :)

Budilian said...

Why do you need the Mennonite Treasury cookbook? All you do is add extra fat, lard, butter or cream to any recipe. Oh, and farmer sausage.

Eva said...

The popcorn poper is great... I have one.

Marcy said...

Mmmm.... I love that last apron!