Saturday, September 12, 2009

enter the bedroom...

not what you are thinking.. we are continuing to tour my house in hopes of you getting to know me better. my bedroom is boring. the contents of my closet are boring. mostly black. a bit of grey and purple and one white shirt.
i own 26 cardigans (not all of them are worn often). i LOVE cardigans.
here is what's missing:

This gorgous clear Umbra Partridge Jewlerry tree. It would look great on my dresser and would add a practical element to my life. All my jewlerry lays crumpled in a box in my drawer. Those birds are soooooooooooo cute.

Gift Certs:
Lets face it every girl loves a good gift certificate. You can buy them for me here:
RW & Co.
ugg that's all I can think of. Wish I lived somewhere with cooler stores.
Ikea - for online catalog ordering
Target - for the next time I go south.

Urban Barn
We need nice alarm clocks.. cute ones. something retro and round.

Wanna buy a gift and make a difference. TOM'S SHOES seriously. Buy a pair and they give a pair to a needy person in a third world country. Amazing company. Cute Shoes. I would take them in grey and they have a this one is GORGEOUS. Size 6.5

So many cute things. Now get out of my bedroom!

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Jenelle Suderman said...

you are something else....