Sunday, September 13, 2009

generally speaking...

Okay here is the last one. It's not so much a tour but a clear window into the necessities that make me a person.

Coffee - I love coffee... good coffee. Most of my favorites can't be found here but reside on the lovely streets of Commercial Drive in Vancouver... so I will settle for Starbucks. Beans or the Tassimo version. I love my tassimo and will make most anything in it so those pods are great too. Tim GC's are also good... I am known to frequent the drive through for a cup of black coffee and two apple tim bits for my little bits.
I collect mugs.. I LOVE mugs. Right now Starbucks has a gorgeous Canada Mug...

Red Wine - I like.

Scrapbooking - A pleasurable hobby of mine so gift certs to My Scrap Shoppe are a great thing for me.

Pampering - I belive that every woman needs severe pampering and I am in need. Charity Faye would be a lovely spot to spend several hours having body scrubs, rubs, pedi's, and facials... ahhhhhhhh

Itunes - I love filing my ipod with good songs to listen to while I cook, bake and run.

That's me in a nutshell. I will be leaving the internet world for the 10 days starting the 15th (Tuesday). You can reach me via email. I will check in once every day.
I have been feeling like a big pile of garbage lately and it's not going to go away unless I start doing something about it. I want to prepare for this next year by going through myself and filling me with good things... so I need a break from the distraction that keeps me from pressing in and getting rid of the garbage. I'll be back... I'm excited to start this next chapter in my life.
I'll be back.. better than I was before. Loves!


Corinna said...

I found you! Way to go on taking an internet break, I've been thinking about doing the same thing actually as I can so easily waste time b/c I'm not feeling great and don't have energy to do things. I hope it's a refreshing time for you!
I love the picture of you on the top of your blog, you're hot.

Jenelle Suderman said...

i will be praying that you'll be refreshed and that you'll find all the great stuff that's inside you, the stuff everyone else already sees! Your awesome...i can't wait to hear how it goes!! Love you!

Marcy said...

good for you Heather! Enjoy your break!