Saturday, July 19, 2008

many thanks

many thanks to the old and new commenter's from my last post. i truly appreciate it. i realized it's one of the reasons i love blogger. i have been thinking lots lately and kind of feel silly. why was it that i was willing to allow people who don't even know me to run me down... makes all that i have learned seem for nothing. so no more and in the words of a dear dear friend.. poo poo on those who try to tear me down.. poo poo.


Amber said...

the thing about blogging is, people will NEVER get a 100% true & accurate picture of your life through the posts on a matter how open & honest you are. they can judge, take bits here & there and form their own opinions about who you are. some people have said that from reading my blog they feel that they know everything about me, even though they have never met me. i think that is impossible! it's only a small glimpse into my life. anyway, i seem to be rambling and maybe even not making much sense. it all boils down to finding your 'place' and holding your head high...keep blogging!

Crystal said...

Amen! Whoever said that is a frickin' genius.

And in the words of 50 Cent: "If they hate, let 'em hate and watch the money pile up."

Amanda said...

Hey - you're welcome. ;)