Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm stealing a page from Crystal's blog and now bringing you a few of my favorite things in no particular order:

-Polka Dots - especially on fabric and paper
-The color White
-"Hoot" my green owl
-My vintage green chair in my dining room
-Boursin Cheese
-The opening of Pony Party. I have been waiting since I have become a fan of Rachel's blog. It's all handpicked vintage items. Yum! Go check it out and oh my did you see the Owl S&P shakers or the vintage recipe box.. major drooling here.
-Pita Chips
-Fresh Flowers
-Red Wine
-Fresh Salsa
-German Salami
-Harry Potter - sad that i am on the final book.. i don't want it to end
-The New Coldplay especially the song "Lost?"
-Diet Coke
-Salt & Vinegar Chips
-Vintage Anything
-LOVE these sites: Here and Here
-I love THIS and would like it even better if it was around my neck.

Not to forgot how much i love my friends.. you have all been so much to me over the last little while. Thanks for sticking it out with me as I remembered who I am..


Crystal said...

Nice list. It feels good to think about your favourite things, doesn't it? I love the last thing on your list. I want to one too!

P.S. Don't steal my ideas again ;)

jamie said...

no joke heather...i just finished re-reading harry potter 4-7 and actually cried at the end over the fact that there will be no more harry books! I was so sad and still am.

Eva said...

ooh..love the green owl..and the chair of course. And Ikea...

Tara said...

the black apple... soule mama... etsy... those are a few of my daily haunts as well. you would probably like http://angrychicken.typepad.com/ and http://www.freshvintage.typepad.com/ then too. check them out!

Jennifer said...

Harry Potter rocks!! I'm trying to find a replacement series but without luck. I'm currently reading "Pendragon", and it's ok, but not nearly as great as Harry Potter. What's unique about the HP series (that I never really fully comprehended until reading Pendragon) is that what is insignificant in one book is very significant in a further book.

That's my spiel for now. I could continue but I won't.

Anonymous said...

I remember you liking salt and vinegar chips!!