Thursday, May 22, 2008


i have two two year olds!! its incredible and overwhelming to think about. i still try to go back and remember when they were born and its still really fuzzy.. still don't remember much about the first 9 months. survival mode i guess. but here we are two years later. 2 years and exactly 25 minutes ago ari came into this world. firstborn. he carries those traits even though he's a bit smaller he is adventurous and rowdy. he enjoys the process of discovery. noah came out one minute later. he's my snuggly one, always has time for a quick cuddle. he doesn't enjoy playing alone as much as his brother. he likes to be in the middle of the action.

for two boys who are so different they are also so much the same. on their love list right now:
-blankets and stuffies - they love these. after naps or in the morning they have to come out of the crib and be dragged around. when they are sad a stuffy always helps. they each have their own. noah a puppy and ari a frog. they know how much they mean to each other when one guy is sad the other one grabs his stuffy and brings it to him.
-much like their soos' - oh man gotta love those.

-anything that goes.. trucks, buses, cars, trains, bikes, tractors, boats
-the park any park is a big hit these days. they know where they are and must point and yell "park" leaving parks would be on their hate list.
-water - whatever it is its an obsession. they LOVE water. water in the bath, puddles on the road, water in pipes, out of the tap, in a cup. water makes them happy.
-food - they still love food. and any kind of food but it usually has to also come with some kind of condiment whether it be spicy or sweet condiments are hard to beat.
-fred penner and sharon, lois and bram. they have a dvd with songs on it and come 4:30 when i am making supper this keeps them well occupied.

-"Leen" or Arlene as adults call her. she is their caregiver when i am at work and there is no one like her. the boys love her to pieces and when they have had enough of me they always ask for "leen"
-outside - anything to do with outside (they must get this from dave) sometimes you will find them at the window begging to go "ouside"
-flushing the toilet and closing doors.
-putting things in the garbage usually garbage but sometimes just things like sippy cups for fun.

They are smart. They know now where Grandpa's shop is and Grandma's house even as we turn a corner. They want to try everything we try. They are really good at telling you what they did earlier in the day usually in a word or two.

On the downside they have this hook up complex. Everything should hook together and when it doesn't frustration shows. They call snack (usually crackers" cars but yet they call cars cars so I'm not sure about that one.

Communication is getting better. They say and mimick most words but lack the skills to complete the thought... and most often the word they want they can't find at the exact moment they want it but i think that comes with the age.

I love you Ari & Noah for who you are and who you will become. I have learned so much in the last two years about love and giving. You make me want to be a better mom. I know I am not always the most fun and don't try all the things I know you would like but I am learning. I have the three best teachers in the world. I hope you always know you are safe, secure and loved to bits even when my tears and frustration get the best of me. You enrich my life and I can't get enough of you. Thanks for always running with hugs when I need them most and for walking this journey even though most days its bumpy you are such troopers.
I love you through and through.


Jenelle Suderman said...

awww..that's awesome heather..such sweet boys you have!

carly smith said...

your pictures and reflection brings tears to my eyes. how far the boys have come, but at the same time how far you have come as their mother. it's been a wild two years, but look where you are, and where you came from. you are an amazing family. i'm glad you had such a great day with your boys.

Eva said...

Great post Heather - give yourself credit for trying to be a great mother. I too, think the worst of myself when it comes to mothering and always want to do better (I hope that counts for something in the end).

eva said...

Happy birthday Ari and Noah!!!

tammy said...

Love the first picture. Happy birthday Noah and Ari!! (Cole says happy birthday too)

Marcy said...

The post was worth the wait Heather! Happy birthday boys!

djdread said...

love you heather, love your boys, love the Mum you are, but most of all the person you are and are always becoming.
thanks for all the lovely little details. they are my favourite.
happy b-day a&n!

auntie jo

hannah said...

beautiful heather!