Sunday, May 11, 2008

sunny side up

Mother’s Day. I love that I am a mom. I know its never the easy thing.. There are times I say I would rather not do this or not do that. But when I look at the big picture. Life is rich because of my kids. This morning when they ran into our room to give me my card and I was greeted with those fabulous chubby cheeked smiles I melted. Its truly a gift to have these little guys running around. The best parts of two people.

I also have the greatest mother. She is kind, caring, gentle, loyal, fun spirited, generous with her time and her love, gracious, oh so forgiving and she just LOVES deeply. I think back to the times where I must have almost drove her right to the looney bin and I often wonder if she wonders if I truly loved her. Behind the closed door and moody music of my teens. The parade of horrible boyfriends and the acts of true rebellion. Deep down that little girl inside of me wanted to just let it all go and crawl up beside her where life was safe. I hope she knows now that I love her through and through. For all of it. For all she says and doesn’t say. For all her support and loyalty. Mom you are one of a kind. You love me out of the best place in you and I love you out of the best place in me.


Andrew & Lisa said...

yeah, auntie janet is pretty darn special.

Evelyn said...

hi heather! i was waitressing on mother's day so i didn't get a chance to call you. but i just wanted to say that you are a good mom!!
happy belated mother's day.
:) ev

Emily Deu said...

Well put heather,
your mom is special. Please tell her hello for me! did you get my card?

Marcy said...

That's so sweet Heather! Happy Mother's Day to you!