Sunday, May 04, 2014

take another little piece of my heart....

I meant to write this post last week but it was a tough week for me emotionally and physically. This may be all over the place but I need to get it out...

I have been on a journey.. I'm always on a journey... I said to someone this week it feels like I am always in the pruning stage.. I always want to learn I want to be captivated, chasing running after God's heart and He is just not done with me... He is constantly teaching me things. I think this year I am just finally really listening. I want to chase after His heart. His ways are SO good.

I took a hit this week that normally would have wrecked me.. thankfully I have people in my life who can help me see it for what it was.. someone else's stuff .. they tried to project it onto me and for the first time I could see it for what it was. Nothing I needed to pick up and carry. I am always who I am.. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My beautiful friend Carmen sent me this graphic.

Isn't that awesome. I love it. It so resonates with me. I am finding this new adventure I am on.. the thrill the rush..  the more I see the more I want. Ok.. ANYWAYS.

Here I am.. sitting on so much passion I feel like I may burst. I am daily connecting with new people and being able to share my love of Young Living Essential Oils.. I want to invite you to a seat inside my head just for a moment.. ;)

I have no interest in selling you anything. I sold Norwex for years.. I've done parties you name it. I love the products and it was not hard to sell. This is not a party business... This is so much more special than that.

This is healing. This is health. This is Quality of Life. For me I have been able to lay hands on people and oil them up while praying for health & healing. I have been able to cry over the joys of being able to be pain free. This is so much more than a party... this is a celebration of something that God made. He gave us plants and someone has been brilliant enough to realize that through the Immune System of those plants through the life blood of a plant we have something that crosses the blood brain barrier and initiates healing from the inside out. This is incredible. I can't not share that. 

I feel personally I did not stumble onto this by accident. It's on purpose. He does things on purpose. If we take the time to sit and listen and be still... in my season of waiting I called and I let my soul rest.. His grace abounds in deepest waters. 

He never fails us. 

Oils are not a cure all.. I know that. I have however heard and seen with my own eyes the power of health. I just feel like I am calling the Spirit to lead me even though the world is full of skeptics, full of doubt.. We are stronger in HIS presence... I want to get out of the boat... sick of being in the boat. What would it look like if we lived life away from the fear that has us stuck in the boat. I feel alive. Trust is scary.. I almost gave up again this week.. told the Stallion that black heart was looking better and better... but then I looked up and realized if I call upon His name He will keep my eyes above the waves. I can jump out of the boat and walk into the life He has for me. I want to make a difference I want to share my life, my heart. That is why I am passionate about sharing the oils. I have lived for too many years under the shadow of Depression and Anxiety and caring what people think. For 34 years.. that's enough. I am enough. 

I am letting Him guide my heart. I mean after all He is the one who has been fixing it up. What does your boat look like? Lets jump!!


Jenelle Penner said...

Love seeing you grow and change into a more confident women each and every year! Love the challenge to jump ❤️

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a great post. Stumbled across your blog. We are always so afraid of what others think!! We can't live in captivity. Kudos to you!!