Thursday, May 22, 2014

celebrate eight


During random moments over the past week I have turned to the Stallion with wide eyes and wondered aloud.. how are they turning 8 this week? well today is the day we celebrate eight. 8 years with our boys. What an adventure it has been.
They made me a mama and they have walked this road with me as I learn how best to nurture them. It has not been very easy and those first few years are ones I am thankful they may not remember. One thing is for sure. I am so blessed to be called their mum. They have helped me grow, helped me realize I am enough and made me a far better person than I ever could have been without them.
Ari my first born.. although a sneaky move got you the title of out first. You were always Baby B. You are kind, caring, compassionate and full of a tender heart. You see the world through the eyes of an inventor. You want to know how things work, how they came to be and you thrive on learning facts about everything. Your love for knowledge has been evident this year as you have thrived on studying First Nations people, Nova Scotia and your favorite The Bluenose. You know facts about those things that most people don't. You love studying how things work and your lego building shows that following the instructions is usually boring but building something bigger and better and from the blueprint of your mind is far better.
You have close friends - you see your friendships in quality not in quantity. I love the loyalness in your heart. You are my snuggle bunny and I love how you tell me even when you are all big and grown up you will stay my snuggle bunny forever. Does my mama heart good.

With a spring in your step, a thirst for knowledge and a deep caring heart skies the limit for you my boy. When skies are grey you always make sure we all still see the sun.
Noah. Our leader. You are wild, fun & free. You dance to the beat of your own drum. You love people. You love having friends and being a friend. You crave attention and praise. You remind me it's ok to be loud and have fun. You are learning so much this year about the little leader inside of you. We are so thankful for your teacher this year. She has really helped point you like an arrow in the right direction. Boys so full of spunk like you, full of stories and thought can either use their powers for good or for bad. She has really shown you that you can be used for good. I am proud of you and your love for writing your own stories, for taking on chapter books with pride.
We don't always see eye to eye these days.. but I often sit back and am thankful for your beyond the box thinking, for not wanting to settle for things you don't understand. Your energy and zest for life will make you great Noah.  I pray you will be the kind of leader you would want to follow and that you will be full of inspiration and motivation that make others want to do good.

May your eyes always be filled with wonder & may you never settle with an answer you don't fully understand. May your days be filled with running full blast at the things you want... you are the kind of guy that will chase those dreams and tackle them head first.
My biggest hope is that my boys will always go after their dreams, pursue justice & be filled with compassion. Raising kids is no joke.. Thankful our journey is always part of the bigger picture. Ah that's a good reminder... Let us all be looking towards the bigger picture.
Happy Birthday Noah
Happy Birthday Ari



Lydia Di Francesco said...

Happy Birthday Ari and Noah!!! So looking forward to spending special time with you in July!!! Love you so much, Auntie Lyds and Uncle Dan xoxo

Carmelle said...

I love your posts to your boys. They are soooo precious & love-filled. You have such handsome sons. And you are a wonderful mama :)

Monica Di Francesco said...

Thank you Heather for how you write about the boys. It helps me get to know them better though so far away.