Wednesday, March 26, 2014

part two

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in November of 2013 by my very good friend from my YWAM days. Audrey had been using them to help her family and shared them with me mostly because of our ongoing fight with respitory issues. It's a struggle we have had since the twins were born.. years of puffers, steroid treatments at the ER and Jett had been on singular for over a year. And still we were visiting the ER multiple times per year.
I love using natural products on my family and so this was something I wanted to try.. Essential Oils are not new they have been around FOREVER.. Jesus anointed people with oils and all of these amazing oils come from plants He created.. I bought my starter kit and started figuring out what worked for us... and wow did it work. I knew after a few weeks that this was something I had to share with people.. I think we have established I am a passionate person and especially over things I truly believe in. So this was not a new thing for me.. Every day I received emails from people or read testimonies on our facebook groups of how these oils are CHANGING lives.. like serious stuff. I just don't know how to share them enough.. I truly want to help people. I want to motivate, inspire and encourage people. I want to share the health & wellness path with as many people as I can.

We have not used puffers/singular or any over the counter meds since we started using oils and it's amazing to see what it has done for us.. cost wise and health wise. I want people to know more not just walk away cause it's unknown. Contact me I'll come do an info night for you or come join one of the amazing facebook groups and hear about it for yourself. 

Lately I have heard people talk about the whole network marketing thing and I just need to share what's on my heart. SO I hope you will take the time to watch this video and it will help you understand why I do what I do.. OH and I almost forgot.. I realize not everyone is on facebook so send me a message I have an awesome online class via email I can send you to learn more about oils!!! <3 div="">

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Your beautiful. Love your heart!