Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sometimes all you need is one person that shows you its okay to let your guard down, be yourself, and love with no regrets. I often wish I could see myself through the Stallions eyes.. I am starting to believe the magic of it. I am a lucky woman and to celebrate nine years makes me thankful. Thankful I took a chance on allowing myself to let my guard down and love with all my heart. After many moves, painful good byes, joyous hello's, meaning full friendships, three amazing kids, deep deep rough waters, beautiful highs... through all of it I can't imagine doing life without you. Cheers to a million more years.

On our wedding day I walked down the isle to a song a friend of mine from Seattle wrote and the words mean more and more every day.

The Stars are Beautiful

Back when you know she just won't leave and you want to stay in the shade of her tree and make your house into a home
When this love doesn’t need a lock you can unlock doors and share a single straw
Close your eyes in a crowded room let go of it all cause more is coming soon
If I wait all night long and they don’t show I know even while I sleep I know the stars are beautiful

The world is small but not enough to get away from this amazing love
So walk as far as you can hear the bells and make a shade for someone else
Cause when this love finally came along curvy roads went strait and broken things were made strong and hand and hand we could reach the sun or just run or just run

If I wait all night long and they don’t show I know even while I sleep I know the stars are beautiful

And if the house lights are left on and the city walls are just too tall I won’t forget what I cannot see you have and always will love me
The stars are beautiful.


kelly ens said...

beautiful! Happy 9th Anniversary :)

Lydia Di Francesco said...

Happy Anniversary Dave and Heather! love you guys xoxo

Robert said...

WE celebrate your life together.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.