Friday, August 02, 2013


245 views my post got yesterday. I received so many messages of love, acceptance and just real people being able to either relate or give words of love and encouragement.  A sweet friend of mine wrote one her blog this statement and it resonates with me so much.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by real people. Living intentionally, trading in expectations and impressions for honest authenticity. I’m inspired.

 I love this.

I was able to go to a memorial held at the forks yesterday organized by my cousin. She was prompted to do something to honour the memory of Lisa Gibson and her two children. It was beautiful, intentional and real. Lots of moms, families, most of them probably didn't know the Gibson's personally but all felt led to do something.. we lit candles and one by one put white flowers in the dark murky waters of the Red River where only a few days before Lisa's body was found. The flowers swirled around in these dark waters and it was a sign of hope. I was impacted by all the people who walked away from the River with tears flowing down there cheeks. It was space for people to talk, hug, cry and just realize that so many are touched with mental illness themselves or they know someone who is struggling. I left feeling like I was a part of something so beautiful.

I want to continue to talk.. to share from who I am. Some people are afraid of their feelings and the way it will look... even yesterday I took that post down 4 times.... At lunch I cried and shared with the Stallion how hard it was to be open and after he read the post he hugged me and told me he was proud of me. He reminded me I feel deeply.. the highs and the lows and that is what makes me who I am. I was honoured to hold hands with him last night as we threw our white flowers into the Red River. A symbol of light in darkness.

I wanna shine light.


Brenda Wolf said...

beautiful - and your hubby is right - your real feelings make you who you are. There are too many people these days that think we need to hide those feelings in fear of what others will think. We need more of us to be real like you!

Tracey said...

Your boldness inspires boldness. Your splash of authenticity WILL cause a ripple effect, encouraging others to be real. And in that, you are part of the solution we all need. You're amazing, Heather.