Sunday, February 24, 2013

long weekend

I am behind in posting my 52 shots... although I have been doing them. Getting them to the blog is a different story. I'll get them up this week.

We went away for the long weekend .. it's an evolved family tradition and this one was by far the best one yet. I LOVE my family and we had such an awesome time.... the hotel we picked was AMAZING. pretty sure with kids we will never stay anywhere else. Such a great time.

The boys took full advantage of Grandma & Papa's Jacquizzi suite. It was awesome!

The Stallion was a tad embarrassed... lol.

All parts of our trip were amazing... ok other than maybe the first nights supper out... and although being stormed in for one extra night was not planned we made the best of it.

So thankful we got to spend the weekend just hanging out and being with my family.

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The Nilsen's Journey said...

Beautiful memories created! thanks for sharing! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!