Friday, October 05, 2012

bucket list

I can't believe I am even going to write this blog. Last weekend the day before my 33rd birthday I crossed something off my bucket list. The Tyson Method put on a triathlon of sorts... tyson method style of course. I loved the idea of it when I first heard of it and knew that it would be a fantastic goal. I put out the challenge to my bootcamp ladies and was so thankful to do this with my dear friend Val. She's always in my corner. She's the reason I am a Tyson Trainer in the first place. I was nervous and did not know what to expect and man it was WORSE than I thought.. 
We did an hour of bootcamp (kickboxing - the same one I taught twice that week) and then we got on the bike for a 8 mile (windy) ride and finished it with a 3 mile TRAIL run. So much of this was unexpected... I could not believe how hard I worked on that bike.. partly because I did it on my 20 year mountain bike I got in Grade 7. The wind, the hilly parts and did I mention the wind? I was surprised I finished in 22 minutes. But the sensation of getting off the bike and willing my legs to move was another story. I have no clue how I even got to the path to start running. Then the run was like I said a TRAIL run pebbly, hills, turns and all kinds of craziness. Some of the inclines were pretty steep... we were only expecting 2 miles and this was much more... when I got to the top of the hill where the mile marker was I could not believe we had more to go... it was HARD. I am used to running on pavement on flat pavement. I tried to stay motivated by reminding myself that my body is fearfully and wonderfully made and that I have come so far from where I used to be. It helped.. a bit... Towards the end I just cried. It was so hard.. I don't know if what I was doing was even considered intervals.. it was more like run when you can and weep and walk when you can't... looking back it's pretty funny.
OK now after all that I DID IT!!! We did it.. and you know what we even did it in a really good time. My time was 2 hours and 4 minutes... I am proud.. of myself, of Val. Overcome with how amazing it feels to have come so far.... It's true when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything!!! Now I am not sure I will ever do something like that again but at least I can cross it off my list. 

Here we are before the event.

and after...

 also so thankful for some fellow trainers who cheered us on. sorry girls about the swear words under the bridge during the run. i love you.

so now what's next??


Carmelle said...

So proud of you Heather! I like reading the crying/weeping part in between, that would be totally me.
LOL - the swear words under the bridge! ;)

kelly ens said...

wow Heather - congratulations! That is amazing!!!

Janelle said...

Congrats Heather - that's awesome!!!