Sunday, October 14, 2012

25 Randoms... almost

I am stealing this from my friend Megan's blog. You know the drill you list 25 Random things about you and try not to look too dorky.

1. I have a notebook/journal in almost all rooms of my house and in my purse. I must have somewhere to write things down... whether it's lists of things to do, random thoughts or just somewhere to pen my thankfulness I must have paper near at all times.

2. I always have to sit in the same spot on my couch when I relax in the evenings (if I relax in the evenings) it bothers me when the Stallion sits in my spot.

3. I always have one leg out of the blankets when I sleep. Always. It seems as if my boys are like me cause they do too.

4. I am loyal to a fault. Over the last year I have questioned whether this is a bad trait but have come to the realization it's not.. it's a good quality. I care deeply about people.

5. I travelled across Canada coast to coast with 60 people on a bus. With a heart to reawaken the pioneering spirit of Canadian young people, in 2003 a small group of international YWAMers invited youth from around the globe to join them in a 40-day trip across Canada. Sensing from the Lord that he wanted to try to "Wake Up" the nation of Canada and challenge YWAM Canada, they called this trip the "Wake Tour". The response? Sixty people traveled to 21 cities from Victoria, BC to St. John's, NL with a creative presentation at each venue as well as a special challenge from Frank Naea who was YWAM's President at the time. It was an historic and life-changing trip with many coming away with a new measure of faith and a broader understanding of God's heart for the nation of Canada.

6. The above trip resulted in me meeting my Stallion where we fell in love as we crossed our Nation. Dipped our feet in each ocean. Held hands in Ottawa and Expressed our love for each other on a large rock in Newfoundland. 

7. I was a part of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) for 8 years. 

8. I have administrative blood running through my veins. I love to organize things and plan things. I was in charge of  housing and scheduling for point number 5. That is my craziest job yet.

9. I have lived in Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Seattle, Shelton, Hamilton & Vancouver.

10. I travelled to Cambodia alone for 1.5 months. I taught myself how to play guitar and write songs on that trip.

11. Oh I recorded two of those songs when I got back and still have the CD to this day 

12. I have been at the birth of 13 babies .. in Vancouver I was a birth & postpartum doula. It was an amazing time. 

13. If I lived in a big city I think I would love to be a fashion executive or a wedding planner.

14. My big dream was to host a talk show... you know like Live with Regis & Heather or something... dang it Kelly Ripa!!!

15. I took gymnastics from the time I was 4 until I was 14. 

16. I would love to train as a yoga instructor.

17. I love the show Franklin & friends. It's adorable and I enjoy the life lessons.

18. I am not a good "player" I don't do sit on the floor playing... my kids don't mind they just like having me in the room. I am just not good at it.

19. I am quite spiny after only 2 glasses of wine. Easily.

20. I love ethnic food.. I enjoy to cook it but miss living in Vancouver where all kinds of food was right at your doorstep.

21. I went to Coldplay's first American concert ever when I lived in Seattle.. it was a tiny small venue and we were so close. When Chris played the piano and sang The Scientist I swear he was looking strait at me. It was SO good.

22. I love coffee in the mornings and enjoy tea in the afternoon & evening.

23. I am a creature of habit in most areas of my life and although change used to make me crazy I can handle it much better than I used to.

24. I LOVE to cook.. baking not so much but I enjoy being in the kitchen. I don't need to follow a recipe and enjoy creating things....

25. I have three tattoos and I think I am good with that... 

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Megan Hildebrand said...

So good. Great job. Ok, now my thoughts :)

#4. Remember, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.
#11 Where is this CD. It's coming to our next carbs date
#14. Ummm YES. I think you would be awesome at this!!
#21. I had the same experience at a Matchbox 20 concert. Crazy! The creepy bouncer even invite me backstage but I chickened out. I was happy with a look ;)
#25. Somehow I doubt you are....hehe.