Saturday, October 08, 2011


I am trying here really trying to get motivated to give you a good post. The Stallion told me last night I was neglecting this blog and that is SO true.. I just feel so overwhelmed when I sit down to write that the words just don't come. So instead I am taking a page from my new favourite book. To write down what I am thankful for right now. Struggling to answer the question how do I find Joy in the midst of deadlines, yucky financial stuff and the daily grind... Trying to express gratitude in the midst of the shitty things because really that can only be the place I find Joy... in being thankful.

And if I allow myself to remember that perspective is everything... I have SO so so much to be thankful for. There is so much more going on in this world beyond me... hey that's one thing to be thankful for...

2 curly haired five year olds who inspire me every day and remind me that they are the best thing.

My strait haired 16 month old who is curious, fast, funny and sweet. When he wraps his chubby arms around my neck and nuzzles in I fall in love.. again.. every time.

My Stallion... oh where to start. Thankful for a man who loves me in spite of myself... and boy does he LOVE me.

Family - each one of them.

My bootcamp ladies - sheesh these women are AMAZING. it is an honour to do this with them. I couldn't be prouder to be apart of something so much bigger than the exterior.

Ruffles and Doilies

Teal & Grey (especially together)

Pinterest - a daily escape and an overflowing fountain of creativity.

David's Tea - Pumpkin Chai

My morning coffee routine... everything about it.

Women - yep I am surrounded by some pretty fabulous ones. My friends mean ALOT to me.

Strength - mine. those around me. God's. Sometimes STRONG is just what you have when you've used up all your weak.

Life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance you must keep moving.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Stacey said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Beautiful post ;) I have that book too, and haven't quite finished it yet. It's amazing, yet so full. I feel I can't read too much at a time, because I need to let it all soak in.

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Happy thanksgiving Heather! I really liked your comment about strength!

valerie said...

Happy thanksgiving, dear friend. I'm so thankful for you :)

Jennifer said...

I have heard A LOT about that book....perhaps I will have to read it. Even though life is hard, there are always things to be thankful for....difficult to remember at times.

Tam said...

You always have a great way with words! Give thanks in all circumstances can be hard to do. But we are so so blessed!