Monday, June 21, 2010

two weeks

Meet Jett at 2 weeks old. I plan to take these photos once a week to document his growth. This photo taken on the most beautiful handmade gift from Audrey (my co-worker) she knit this blanket and it's ALL ME - the colors are amazing the pattern the softness of the yarn. I LOVE LOVE it.

-Jett is 2 weeks old today and he weighs 6lbs6oz... amazing!! So much growth in two weeks.
-He is peaceful... barely cries and just loves to eat and sleep.
-He is the exact image of his dad.. it's actually crazy how much they look alike.

-Noah and Ari are just crazy in love with their brother, sometimes too much. They just want to hug him, squeeze him, kiss him and handle him. They don't get the concept of too much.

-Dave and I were driving the other day and both looked in the back and turned to each other and couldn't believe we are the parents of THREE kids. Whoa.
-Adjusting to life with the three of them has had its ups and downs... mostly behavior stuff with A & N. It's been surprising to me to see the behavioral issues with Noah when I was expecting them with Ari.

Those of you who have followed my blog from when the twins came will know that those early days were dark for me.. well let's face it that whole year was bleak. This has been amazing for me... I have been thinking about how we never really got to enjoy N & A when they came. We were in survival mode... we spend lots of time really enjoying Jett and getting to love him on him in a different way. Some times I feel ripped off that I didn't get that the first time and the guilt can creep in. But I go back to that place of remember that I am doing the best I can with what I have.. that's all we can ever do. I am thankful to get this chance to do it this way. One baby really is just so much simpler. Also having done all these things before helps... everything just comes easier.

I have so many blog posts in my head and once the fog has lifted (it's getting there) I'll be back with more. I have photos to share from N & A's birthday and some other fun stuff from the end of May and June.


Lydia said...

OMG!! They totally look the same when sleeping! that's crazy!! :) Glad to hear he's growing so well. Can't wait to meet him.

Crystal said...

Love the haircuts!

Chrissie said...

I am so glad that you are enjoying this season so much. What a cute family x

mmloewen said...

Love the picture of your 4 "men". :)

The Nilsen's Journey said...

I'm so glad it's going so well! Yay! And that he's growing so well! Isn't it amazing to have healthy children? A blessing from the Lord! Your family looks good on you, Heather! I'm glad that your days are brighter this time! And yes, that mamma guilt can creep in so often! Don't let it, just enjoy Jett!!

Bob said...

What outstanding pix!!

Yes, I saw the resemblance from day one!


Julia Di Francesco said...

he is just perfect.. this waiting time to me him is driving me crazy.

Ellen said...

love the pics! I think that having your first child (or in your case, children) is difficult - there are so many huge adjustments that no one tells you about! I also got to enjoy my second baby a lot more because I was a lot more confident! I'm so glad you get to enjoy things this time around!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness! Beautiful!!!


sara @ it's good to be queen said...

he's so beautiful!

one of my favorite, comforting verses is Isaiah 40:11 because it says that God "gently leads those with young." That has been so encouraging to me. Like He really gets what I'm going through and He is leading me along gently. ;)