Sunday, May 02, 2010

Baby J's Room.

I think it's because when the boys came along I had no place to make them a room. We lived in a tiny house with one bedroom and we crammed our bed and their crib into one little space. This time around I knew I wanted to create a space for this one.. his very own space. Filled with thoughtful pieces. This room is small.. in fact it was not really a room but a space at the top of the stairs which served no purpose. My mind swirled with the possibilities.

The space is small it's 8x9.

It started with the french doors... we decided to go this route because in the future it probably won't be a bedroom and this way it can still be used to serve a function and purpose. We also did this to keep it open when you walk up the stairs instead of being faced with a wall and a closed door. We painted the doors Deep Caviar (bm). The two spaces beside the door are dry walled and still need to be mudded and taped but all in good time. For now it was more important to have a space to get ready for Baby J's arrival.

Let's go back shall we.. this is where we started....

And now when you walk up the stairs and peer left this is what you see....

Still hoping for a new light fixture... this one is less than cute.

Baby J already has two sweet owls to keep him company. The green one is a wishing owl.. a lovely gift from friends in Vancouver. His backside holds a pocket filled with wishes and prayers they wrote for him. Lady Grey is a friend made by a scrapbooking friend of mine here. She sells sweet knitted animals at MyScrapShoppe here in town.

On the opposite wall is the dresser - ahh the dresser! This certainly was a labor of love. I was ready to give up on this project but am so happy with the end results. We sanded and scrapped off the veneer and we stained in a beautiful dark color. I love it! With no closet in this room it's nice to have so much storage.

The quilt hanging on the crib is the one I made. This was a long project but I love how it turned out. It's not perfect by any means.. but it's made with love.

I am so happy with my chair. A gift from Grandma and Papa.. it fits perfectly and I can't wait to spend time with him here.

So for now this is the nursery. The frames on the wall still need to be filled with pictures. I am hoping for a maternity session in May so I will fill them then. I need a laundry hamper and would love to put a small plant beside the lamp just for some life.

And because I love to show you how you can get things done on a very tight budget here's where our nursery stands:

Doors - purchased at Home Depot for $ 200
Paint, Install, Drywall of doors $ 35
Crib - already had
Dresser - free from my parents and the cost to sand, stain and polyurethane it was $ 28
Lamp - purchased at Target $ 19.99
Change pad - already had
The Curtain - love the curtain. It is a shower curtain from Target - $ 24 and then altered by me for free.
Change pad cover - was our first splurge but kind of jump started the whole room $35
Chair & Ottoman - gift
Rug - already had
Frames - $ 17
Flower Poms - bought at Orange Kisses - $ 19
Lanterns - purchased at Hobby Lobby $ 12
Polka Dot Sheet on crib - $ 10
Grey Owl - $ 6
Paint for Room - $ 50
Total - $ 432


Eva said...

It's lovely, Heather! Lovin' the colors. What a happy little space to bring baby home to. :)

Jennifer said...

I love it! It is gorgeous.

My favorite part is still the stripes on the walls!

Tam said...

You have done a wonderful job decorating! It is beautiful and your baby is lucky to have such a special mom who takes pride it making it perfect for him.

Jeff and Melissa said...

It looks FABULOUS!
Super Great Job Well Done!

valerie said...

Love it! How thrifty and fabulous! You should have your own show! :)

Emily Deu said...

it's great Heather! He's going to love it. I love all the light you get in there.

Amanda said...

Amazing. It's so "Heather." Love the puffs/latern thing. so good.

carol said...

Looks great Heather!

Lydia said...

what a lovely room!!! You did such a great job!! and for an amazing price! It has a really peaceful feel to it.

Amanda Rupp said...

oh i love this heather- thanks for giving us a peek- so fun to see all the little touches and know of all the thought/work that went into making this such a lovely little space! made me wish we had a little nursery! take care....

Jenelle Suderman said...

LOVE it!! and as hard as it is to believe, it looks even better in "real"!! your so taleted!!

Heather said...

Thanks all! I am so happy with the outcome.. still in disbelief that a real live person will live there tho :)
Thanks for the blog love I appreciate it!!

James & Kim said...

Beautiful room! That will be one lucky baby to have such a great room and mommy!! I wish I had your talent!