Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring break plan

so spring break is only 3 days away!! this year i am really looking forward to it. of course I have high hopes for some things I want to get done.. not sure they are all realistic but a girl can hopes plus with kids who live to have jammie days.. it should make being home easier ;)
i want to clean out my pantry and tupperwear drawer.. both are a disaster.. do you have any organizing tips that work for you. i'm thinking i need to get some more baskets and stuff to hold random bits of stuff that just gets messy otherwise.
my other goal is to take out the million totes in our storage room that hold baby clothes and blankets... i have no desire to keep it all. seriously how much of a wardrobe can one baby have.. this kid will have endless options with two older brothers around.. so i hope to purge and pass on a lot of it.
i have a dresser redo project for the weekend so i will actually have somewhere to store these things. i'll post pics when i am done...
i have started a list of things we need yet.. you'd think after having twins we would have it all but it's actually quite the opposite.. we borrowed most everything we had because we were poor and alot of the stuff we did have was only practical in the we have two stage...
and now since dave is in school and we are once again poor i will have to rely on borrowing and being creative with what i need and don't need.
so for now i am on the look out for a swing... this was a must have with the boys and with three floors of house i figure it will be a nice thing to have on the main floor when i need both my hands.
we have also decided to go the cloth diaper route for a couple reasons. we can not produce more garbage and since we burn our garbage out back it's impossible seeing as diapers don't burn :) also i like the idea and wanted to do it the first time but i had twins and was crazy enough. i have already gotten some but would like to try the new flip system as well.

You can see more info HERE.
I also like that you can buy disposable liners for this system which would make traveling easier.

We decided to get my parents to pick us up this play yard from Target while they are down there. It will be where the baby will sleep in our room for the first few months (at least during the night). We decided on this one based on the great reviews, the price and also the incline feature... our boys had such tummy issues and being elevated helped in a huge way so we thought we would give this one a try. Its called the Bright Starts - InGenuity Playard.

We do have a basic pack and play but my hope is for it to be kept in the basement for when I need to shower and just need the extra hands.

Still needing a change pad to attach to top of dresser and also I want to get a large and medium wet bag for my cloth diapers...

okay that turned out to be much more than a spring break plan and it took me all day to write.


valerie said...

Well Heather, it's like i always say...It's good to have a plan ;)

Love the play yard - totally adorable. Sorry I can't help with the borrowing... :)

Good luck!

Melanie said...

Borrowing was a Godsend to us on our first baby - just with not having a whole ton of money and not really knowing what was good in the market. With Kenna we bought a few things but sold them already otherwise I'd have gladly borrowed out stuff! :( Oh well, I hope you find what you like! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

(Oh, and on a sidenote, Kenna keeps talking about your boys being in the backyard this Spring... perhaps a visit would be necessary??) Stay well!

Crystal said...

I actually have a change pad that I used for our change table you gave me. You can have it back if you want! It has a small tear it it now (oops, maybe I should just buy you a new one!)

Wenona said...

Babies are so expensive! We also got a lot of things gifted to us for our firstborn. It was so nice.
And cloth diapers are something I'm really interested in. My sister in law used them when they adopted and she loved them! Yes, a tad more work, but also saves you a lot of money in the end, and plus with garbage, it saves so much! Do you not have the option of garbage pick up here? I thought everyone could have it. Of course you pay for it, but it's quite cheap.

Heather said...

wenona - i was told it was super expensive... so i never looked into it.. but maybe we should. where do i call?? the rm??
crystal - i'll take it.. who cares about a rip.. i'll cover it anyways.. saves me buying a new one.. we never even used one with the boys but i figured with one it might be easy to do :)
mel - a visit would be AWESOME!! we will miss our afternoon playtimes with the neighbours.. we'll have you guys over to play in our huge yard sometime too :)

The Stiffs said...

Heath, I still have your baby bathtub!! I had it in the entrance to bring along to Young Women's once, and then forgot. Now it has migrated to the basement again.
Also, if you are clearing out any of the boys' larger clothes, I would definitely LOVE to buy some clothes from you for E. I really need spring/summer stuff that's around 2T. Please let me know if you'd like to sell some to me.
My mom has a swing that she bought at a garage sale (it's not very pretty!) but I'm sure you would be welcome to borrow it for a while. Let me know if you are interested.

Ellen said...

Some ideas for babystuff, if you don't mind second hand stuff: Freecycle (for your area) it's a yahoo.com group and everything is free, I've found some great stuff (like a crib mattress - no rips or stains!). Of course Kijiji.ca (again for your area - I found a exersaucer and swing for my sister who's expecting their first, for a total of $100 and it all looks brand new!!) and lastly, Facebook - I know that for our area they have several sites that are 'buy, sell and trade' and some even specifically for Moms. On all of these sites you can also advertise what you are looking for.

carly smith said...

I have FLIPS and they are awesome!! I have two packs of the disposable inserts I plan on using this summer when we are up in Montana for a while, but I really do love the cloth inserts. And the inserts that came with our bumgeniuses fit perfectly in them. Good choice! :)