Tuesday, March 09, 2010

the little things

Being reminded to be thankful for the little things. Some days life seems to much to handle and it's then we can be thankful for the small stuff.. so here's my list right now.
1. warm weather
2. a husband who gets me and still loves me
3. kids that sit and watch a movie when mommy really needs to nap
4. a surprise card and gift in the mail that you least expect and desperately need
5. fun etsy purchases in the mail
6. dreaming up things to put in baby J's nursery
7. friends who make dinner and have you over
8. the new shelf sitting in my dining room bought at MCC and looking like it belonged there
9. picking up paint colors for nursery and for the french doors.
10. a busy month of norwex... i love my job!!
11. supper ideas planned for the week.. and today
my favorite lasagna soup!!
12. cream cookies made with blue icing by a friend
13. winning on the radio this morning!!
14. good friends here and far away.. and some that are closer to coming home!!
15. cuddly boys who tell me they love me
16. homemade "puters"

see i feel better already.. your turn.


Holly said...

i love the pics! so cute :) what did you win this morning?? love you!

valerie said...

Oh yay! What a great list!!! What did you win this morning??

Heather said...

I won tickets for our family to go to the fossil museum and qualified for mtc tickets.. announcement on friday :) it was fun! i almost lost though.. had to play are you smarter than a 5th grader.. yeesh.

Crystal said...

Love gitchies on the boys! And I hope you win tickets to the same play we saw at MTC......soooo romantic :)

Heather said...

lol crystal - it is a different play ;)

Amanda said...

Thanks for this. I needed it too. I'm glad you can focus on the good.

Marcy said...

I was wondering if that was you this morning! Cheater. ;)

Amber said...

can i please have your lasagna soup recipe???

carly smith said...

i agree with amber.....i want your lasagna soup recipe! :)