Tuesday, February 16, 2010

baby boy J

He was not an E baby. When we told the boys they were getting a brother I am not sure they got it. They were pretty convinced they wanted a skidsteer. I tried to convince them there would be no machinery coming out that way... we explained that we would have a boy and not a sister. I asked them what we should name the baby. They said girl.. so I am not sure they get it.
We love him though. They are watching my belly grow and I think it's making more sense to them.
I enjoyed shopping for baby J's nursery this weekend in Fargo. I think it's even more special to me because this will be my first nursery. We lived in a teeny tiny house when the boys were born and they had a crib in our room so I never got to decorate a room for them. So I am not missing anything this time. First step it to build a wall and get Baby J his proper room. We have a landing at the top of the stairs that opens up into
a big empty open space with a beautiful East facing Window with a view of the backyard. It's going to be the perfect nursery. We plan to put in french doors just to keep the space open. I will put cute curtains on the inside for privacy when needed.
I have settled on grey, orange, brown and teal blue... I will do a picture post of my purchases and document the progress of his room.
We have a bunch of project going on right now. We made a reading nook complete with pallet beds upstairs and need a few things to complete the project. We also have an upholstered headboard on the go. I need some motivation to complete all the projects I start.
Off to bed. I'll be back this week with more... and yes a house tour post is in the works.
For now this is the inspiration for Baby J's room.


SuJ'n said...

Congratulations on number three. The inspiration for the nursery looks fun! :)

Holly said...

can we know what the "e" names were??

Crystal said...

I can hardly wait to see your nursery all Heather-ed out! And I'm glad baby J is baby J. So cute.

Eva said...

Sounds like a beautiful nursery. I loved planning for baby with our kids and it sounds like you are enjoying it too... kids are so sweet and innocent and it is so much fun sharing that time with them. Looking forward to seeing more of your home.

~ Eva {www.ehphotography.ca}

Marcy said...

Lovely. Pallet beds are on my to-do list as well!